A traipse through chennai

A traipse through chennai


“Chennai: a potpourri of culture, a confluence of heritage, technology, and modernity!”


Chennai, originally christened as Madrasapattinam (according to some sources) was called Madras till 1996. In the year 1996, Madras was rechristened as Chennai and the name has remained. The Portuguese were the first foreigners to set foot on the sands of Madras in the early 16th century and were soon followed by the Dutch. The British came in much later and made Madras the capital of the erstwhile Madras Presidency comprising of the present day Southern states. This year Chennai turned 375 years old.

Chennai is a coastal city and is also known as the “Gateway to the South”. Situated in the shores of the Bay of Bengal, Chennai has two major rivers Adyar and Cooum which drain into the Bay of Bengal. Cooum, today has the dubious record of being a very polluted river. Clean Cooum campaign has actively started by the inhabitants of Chennai and soon one can hope to see a dramatic improvement in Cooum’s cleanliness! Chennai lies on the thermal equator belt of the earth and hence has a tropical weather throughout the year. The presence of the Bay of Bengal, alleviates any extreme variations in the weather conditions. While it is hot for almost 9 months a year here, the summer season between May and July is the hottest.

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