All you need to know about luxury homes

All you need to know about luxury homes

It is the dream of almost every person to own a luxury home. But it is only the gifted few who are actually able to realise their dream. Having a luxury home is considered to be a status symbol in the society. Besides status, there is much more to it. Here, you can get to enjoy the comforts that are otherwise desired in a home. The term ‘luxury’ is often misused by several projects as they label their residential construction as ‘luxury project’. However, in truth, they merely offer basic amenities to the residents. Hence, it becomes necessary on your part to do some research and find out what ‘luxury’ homes actually means.

Aspects that defines luxury home

Location: This does play a crucial role. The luxury homes needs to be located near to popular tourist places or heart of city. Moreover, it needs to boast of having excellent and easy connectivity to the different parts of the city. The area’s physical infrastructure needs to be characterized with wide roads, no or less traffic issues.

Space: This is the next aspect that determines a luxury home. In order to be branded luxury, the home is required to be minimum 3 BHK, have attached balconies and washrooms in every room. This means that a 1/2 BHK unit, irrespective of its size is not likely to qualify for luxury tag. The entire setup is likely to comprise a dining room, expansive kitchen and large hall. The recent addition to the luxury residential unit is a servant’s room and store room.

Floor to ceiling height : Although it might not appear to be something important, however technically, this is essential to determine if the property can be termed as ‘luxury’ or not. Floor to ceiling height is to be over 12 feet. Irrespective of the facilities present, if this particular specification is not present, then luxury quotient is not met adequately.

Security: This is definitely among the most crucial aspect. There should be installed state of the art, enhanced and improvised, modern security facilities within the house and its surroundings. There should be 24/7 security personnel in both human and electronic surveillance form in every nook &corner of the luxury property.

Elevators: The home to have that luxury tag should have spacious and big modern elevators with adequate carrying capacity.

Standard features to be present in luxury apartments

Majority of the luxury apartments can be found equipped with given below facilities and amenities:

  • Bigger closets
  • Kitchen
  • Fitness centre
  • Washer & dryer
  • Interior details
  • Living room
  • Rec room
  • Home comforts
  • 24/7 concierge
  • Housekeeping
  • Made-to-order goods
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Few benefits derived from residing in luxury apartments
  • Flexibility
  • More mileage derived for money, if staying for extended time period
  • Secure entry
  • More space
  • Privacy

Some of the other noteworthy benefits offered by luxury apartments include fully furnished kitchen, mod cons & entertainment system like docking stations, satellite television, DVD players, video systems, etc. They are rather the perfect choice for couples, families, business people and companies to relax and enjoy lavishness of life.

The above are few of the salient features that make up a luxury home. Hence, when searching for properties in Chennai in this bracket, it will be wise to consider the above points to avoid getting misled or duped by aggressive advertisements.

Moreover, with demand increasing for luxury homes, developers have been trying to incorporate modern technology and the latest innovations into their projects, so as to attract niche clientele. In short, with budget not being an issue to the potential occupants of the luxury homes, the primary focus rather is on luxury aspects like swimming pool, gym, clubhouses, outdoor & indoor recreational facilities and much more.

Hence, luxury apartments are constructed to provide the occupants with greater convenience, quality and comfort. The true luxury apartment can be termed to be one which is defined variously as being among the market’s top 10 percent transactions or being in the high end amount value. They are also tagged as ‘ultra-luxury’ apartments and do come with additional amenities like bowling alleys, yoga studios, doorman, etc.

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