Best and Top Tile brands in India

Best and Top Tile brands in India

Finding the right tile can sometimes be tricky! But with a little research, you can perfectly pick your best tile. You'll want to select the right tile for your space. This includes choosing the ideal design, hardness, size, and shape.

Tile flooring is perfect for its durability and variety of designs and styles. After all, the tile will appear magnificent once everything is in place and you choose the best. Tiles come in several forms:

Ceramic tiles

Porcelain tiles

Natural stone tiles

Glass tiles

Wood-look tiles

Mosaic tiles

Vitrified tiles

Vinyl tiles

Terrazzo tiles

Tile can be an attractive and long-lasting option to cover and enhance your floors or walls. However, you must consider the following criteria before selecting the tile for your needs, including, Which room will your tile go in? Is it durable? Is it slip-resistant and easy to maintain? What are you going to utilize your new tile for? Is this the right type for a patio? Will your new tile be within your budget?

When it comes to choosing the right tiles for your home, you have various options, including ceramic, metal, porcelain, and more. Some tiles work better for walls, while others are ideal for flooring. Understanding the differences will have a significant impact on your tile work.

The walls and floors comprise the framework of every architectural structure. As a result, they should be constructed using tiles that are just as durable as any other. Therefore, it is crucial to take the brand or manufacturer's service and dependability into account when choosing tiles for a project. For that reason, we have compiled this list of the best tile brands in India!

Kajaria Ceramics Ltd

India's biggest producer of vitrified and ceramic tiles is Kajaria Ceramics. It is dispersed throughout seven plants located throughout India. The production facilities of Kajaria are outfitted with state-of-the-art machinery. Among the factors that have made Kajaria the market leader are its high level of automation, robotic automobile application, and near-zero probability of human error. Kajaria proudly stands tall and has prospered thanks to its inventiveness, diligence, and the support of its affluent clientele.

Founder : Mr. Ashok Kajaria

Established in : 1988

Headquarters : New Delhi

Mail :

Contact : 1800 309 309

Website :

Bajaj Tiles

Bajaj Tiles is one of India's largest tile producers and exporters. The company provides polished porcelain tiles, heavy-duty tiles, digital tiles, and glazed wall tiles. The company is based in Gujarat, India, and was founded in 1992. Bajaj Tiles has established itself as one of India's most prominent tile suppliers.

Founder : Mr. Mukesh Patel

Established in : 1992

Headquarters : Gujarat


Nitco is one of India's oldest tile-making firms, established in 1953 by Shri Pran Nath Talwar. It sells luxury tiles and is widely regarded as one of India's top five tile brands. It is one of the world's most well-known companies, and the only one having a presence on all three surfaces: tiles, marble, and mosaic, with a diverse product line in each. The Company's primary aim is to consistently provide cutting-edge ideas and products that discerning architects and consumers prefer. With a robust distribution network that includes over 380 active direct dealers and 1800 active sub-dealers scattered around.

Founder : Mr. Vivek Talwar

Established in : 1953

Headquarters : India


Contact : 1800 266 4826

Website :

Orient Bell

In 1977, the company was founded in New Delhi. Orient Bell is a large tile maker with an extensive product portfolio. In India, the company is a pioneer in producing vitrified, ultra-vitrified, and digital tiles. Orient Bell introduces new product lines to the market every year. As a result, the business produces great floor and wall solutions, establishing itself as one of India's best tile production brands. They have grown into one of the largest makers of Ceramic and Vitrified Tiles over the last four decades by gaining their customers' experience, affection, and devotion.

Founder : Mr. Mahendra K Daga

Established in : 1977

Headquarters : New Delhi

Contact : 1800 - 208 - 1015

Website :

RAK ceramics Ltd

RAK Ceramics was created in 1989. Today, the company is one of the world's largest ceramics brands in India. The company specializes in ceramic, porcelain wall, and floor tiles, as well as sanitary equipment. The company provides approximately 8000 different styles and colors of ceramic tiles, making it one of the most diversified brands in the world. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of vitrified and ceramic tile sizes. RAK is known for its luxurious designs and high-quality items.

Founder : Mr. Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi

Established in : 1989

Headquarters : Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Website :

Cera sanitaryware Ltd

Cera Sanitaryware was founded in 1998 to provide a comprehensive architectural and design solution. The company's headquarters are in Ahmedabad. They provide a diverse range of products, from sanitaryware, faucets, and tiles to wellness solutions such as high-end showers, steam cubicles, whirlpools, and more. Every product is a design marvel, the result of cutting-edge technology and inventive procedures. They also deliver designs from the top design studios in the world through Isvea, an Italian luxury designer brand, and Senator, a premium line of sanitaryware, faucets, wellness, and mirrors.

Founder : Mr. Vikram Somany

Established in : 1998

Headquarters : India

Mail :

Contact : 1800-258-5500

Website :


Hindware Limited established its first manufacturing plant in 1962 through a technical collaboration with Twyford, United Kingdom. Brand Hindware attracts international clients by providing customized and high-quality items, as well as prompt delivery, all at a low price. The brand has more than 100 satisfied customers in 40 countries, mostly in the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific Islands, Europe, the United States, and SAARC countries. They also have a big network of dealers and display showrooms worldwide.

Founder : Mr. Sandip Somany

Established in : 1962

Headquarters : Gurugram

Asian Granito India Ltd (AGL)

AGL, founded in 2000, has quickly grown to become one of India's major ceramics enterprises. Since its beginning, Asian Granito India has been setting global standards in the construction materials industry. Today, they are one of India's largest groups, with a global footprint spanning over 100 countries. Their capacity has increased by 40 times over the years, making them India's fastest-growing tile company.

Founder : Mr. Kamlesh Patel's

Established in : 2000

Headquarters : Gujarat

Mail :

Contact : 91-79-66125500

Website :

Somany Ceramics Ltd

Somany Ceramics has expanded over the last five decades to become one of the world's largest tile makers, producing 75 million square meters each year. Somany has a distribution network that spans more than 80 countries across six continents, but it has remained true to its roots by keeping 11 cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in India. It has over 500 exclusive showrooms and a strong distribution network that includes over 15,000 dealers and sub-dealers.

Founder : Mr. Shri Hiralal Somany Ji

Established in : 1968

Headquarters : India

Mail :

Contact : 1800-1030-004

Website :

Varmora Granito Pvt Ltd

Varmora sources from well-known international organizations such as Sacmi Italy. What began as a tiny plant in 1994 is now home to Italian machinery capable of ensuring consistent output quality and strength. This is a multimillion-dollar company with a large network of over 5000 retail shops and 700 dealers. They also operate 12 branch offices across the country, employing over 1200 specialists.

Founder : Mr. Raman Varmora

Established in : 2003

Headquarters : Gujarat

Mail :

Contact : 98252 23068

Website :

Simpolo Vitrified Pvt Ltd

Simpolo, founded in 1977, is one of India's largest tile manufacturers, with its headquarters in Morbi, Gujarat's tile heartland. Simpolo uses cutting-edge gear, Italian designs, and rigorous testing to produce high-quality vitrified tiles, designer marble, outdoor tiles, wall tiles, and more. The brand is well-known for its tiles' near-zero water absorption and other features such as anti-skid tiles. Simpolo distributes throughout India and exports to 45 countries. Simpolo's Digital Showroom and Virtual Space Creator allow you to choose tiles and create your home from the convenience of your own home.

Founder : Mr. Jitendra Aghara

Established in : 1977

Headquarters : Gujarat

Website :

H&R Johnson Ltd

H & R Johnson is another of India's greatest tile firms, established in 1958 as a separate part of Prism Johnson Limited. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, they are one of India's major players in lifestyle solutions, offering a diverse range of products including tiles, bathroom products, and engineered marble and quartz. H & R Johnson has over 1,000 exclusive dealers, 10,000 sub-dealers, 35 branches, and numerous House of Johnson wall and floor tile showrooms.

Founder : Mr. Harry Johnson

Established in : 1958

Headquarters : Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Mail :

Contact : 8451057484

Website :

Group : Norcros Plc

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