Best Places to Visit Near Chennai

Best Places to Visit Near Chennai

Are you bored of your job schedule and want to unwind? But you don't want to visit the same spots in Chennai repeatedly? Don't worry! The city has a solution to your weekend worries. This collection of tourist attractions around Chennai will encourage you to pack your bags and depart.

These destinations provide the ideal escape from Chennai's searing heat and roaring traffic. Whether you're looking for lush vegetation or crystal blue waters, this thorough list includes everything you need to relax yourself and arrange a weekend getaway near Chennai. Plan a trip to any of these destinations with your family and friends to make lasting memories.


Mahabalipuram, popularly known as Mamallapuram, is a must-see weekend destination from Chennai for a one-day excursion. It is one of Tamil Nadu's UNESCO historic sites and one of the best venues to enjoy Tamil Nadu tourism, located approximately 57 km from Chennai.

Mahabalipuram, known for its Shore Temple erected in the 7th century, served as the Pallava kings' second capital after Kanchipuram. It is famous for its historical sites, sculptures, natural beauty, culture, and traditions. The famed Arjuna's Penance, Krishna Mandapa, Thirukadalmallai temple, Cholamadal Artist's Village, Mahabalipuram Beach, Tiger Cave, and Crocodile Bank are must-see attractions in Mahabalipuram.

Chennai to Mahabalipuram : 57.1 KM


Puducherry is about 170 kilometers from Chennai. One of the most popular tourist destinations you should include located on the Coast of the Bay of Bengal. The Portuguese, Dutch, English, and French were all drawn to Pondicherry because of its unique location. Pondicherry came under French authority in 1673, and it has since been the site of battles between the British and the French.

Pondicherry is a popular tourist destination due to its strategic location, breathtaking natural beauty, and French heritage. Pondicherry is also known for its peaceful beaches. Pondicherry's principal attractions are the Hotel de Vile, French War Memorial, Puducherry Museum, Aayi Mandapam, Auroville Ashram, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Promenade, Chunnambar Resort, Old Lighthouse, and Romaine Rolland Library.

Chennai to Pondicherry : 165.2 KM


Kanchipuram is a popular pilgrimage destination in Tamil Nadu. It is approximately 85 kilometers from Chennai. It is one of the most prominent tourist attractions near Chennai. Kanchipuram is a traditional center for silk weaving and handloom enterprises, which produce Kanchipuram Sarees. In 2005, 'Kanchipuram Silk Sarees' became the first product in India to earn the Geographical Indication designation.

Kanchipuram, located on the banks of the Palar River, is one of India's oldest cities and was the Pallava Dynasty's capital. Kanchi is well-known for its temples and hand-woven silk saris. Kamakshi Amman Temple is Kanchipuram's landmark and one of the most famous tourist attractions. Other popular temples to visit include Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Kailasanathar Temple, Karchapeshwarar Temple, and Sri Ekambarnathar Temple. These temples are well-known for their magnificence and architecture.

Chennai to Kanchipuram : 75.6 KM


Tirupati, 135 kilometers from Chennai, is a pilgrimage city in the extreme southeast of Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district. It is commonly known as Tirumala Tirupati, a sacred temple town notable for the Sri Venkateswara Temple, also known as Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple.

Tirupati is one of India's most ancient and revered pilgrimage sites. Lord Venkateswara's residence, Tirumala, is 22 kilometers from Tirupati. However, Tirupati is the town and transportation hub for Tirumala, located at the bottom of the hill. Thondaimaan, the Tamil ruler, built Tirumala's first temple. The temple is currently being maintained by TTD.

Chennai to Tirupati : 133.1 KM


Vellore, located on the banks of the Palar River, is one of South India's oldest cities and a major heritage site in Tamil Nadu. It is approximately 138 kilometers from Chennai.

Vellore is also known as the Fort City in Tamil Nadu. It was formerly a battleground and has witnessed numerous conflicts, but is now a very serene and unpretentious location. The name Vellore also means "City of Spears." Vellore is a famous place to visit near Bangalore and one of the top attractions that you should include in your travel itinerary.

Chennai to Vellore : 137.8 KM

Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona Falls is located in Sri Venkateswara National Park near Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, 192 kilometers from Chennai. The stunning waterfall, which falls deep into a valley from a height of roughly 270 feet, is Andhra Pradesh's highest waterfall and one of the state's major tourist attractions. It's also one of the most popular waterfalls around Bangalore.

The waterfalls are located in lush forests, surrounded by natural beauty and flora. Talakona Falls' water is thought to be filled with medicinal herbs. Talakona was designated a Biosphere Reserve in 1990 because of the diversity of plant species found in the region.

Timing : 6 AM to 7:30 PM

Chennai to Talakona Waterfalls : 190.8 KM

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, located 88 kilometers from Chennai, is a protected sanctuary near Mahabalipuram. It is one of India's oldest aquatic bird sanctuaries and a popular weekend destination from Chennai.

In Tamil, Vedanthangal translates to 'the hamlet of a hunter'. It was called after a well-known hunting area used by local landlords in the 18th century. Recognizing the region's ornithological importance, the British government designated it as a bird sanctuary in 1798, making it the country's oldest. And, one of the most popular sites to visit near Mahabalipuram.

Timing : 6 AM to 6 PM

Chennai to Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary : 86.8 KM

Gingee Fort

Gingee Fort, also known as Senji Fort, is an old hill fort located in Tamil Nadu's Villupuram district, 157 kilometers from Chennai. It is one of Tamilnadu's largest surviving forts and a renowned historical site to visit near Chennai.

The fort was previously regarded as the most impregnable, and the British referred to it as the 'Troy of the East'. Originally, the site featured a minor fort built by the Chola dynasty in the ninth century. Gingee Fort, also known as Shinji or Jinji, was modified by Kurumbar while fighting the Cholas, and then by the Vijayanagara Empire in the 13th century. According to one story, the fort was built between the 15th and 16th centuries by the Gingee Nayaks, lieutenants of the Vijayanagara Empire who later became independent monarchs.

Timing : 9 AM to 5 PM

Chennai to Gingee Fort : 157.0 KM

Chandragiri Fort

Chandragiri, 147 kilometers from Chennai, is an old town that served as the seat of Yadavaraya Kings from the 11th to 13th century, as well as the Vijayanagar Dynasty's fourth capital.

The Fort is erected upon a massive rock at an elevation of 183 meters. The southern side of the hill is protected by sturdy walls and a ditch to prevent intruders from penetrating the fortress. The Chandragiri Fort houses eight ruined temples.

Timing : 9 AM to 6 PM

Chennai to Chandragiri : 145.2 KM

Tada Falls

Tada Falls, also known as Ubbalamadugu Falls, is located in the Varadaiahpalem Mandal in Chittoor district, 95 km from Chennai. It is located on the boundary of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, making it a perfect day trip destination for hiking near Chennai.

The falls are located in a deep forest known as Siddulaiah Kona. The falls are located in the Kambakam highlands and are a popular spot for trekking, climbing, and picnics. The area surrounding the falls consists of rugged hill formations and lush forests interlaced with several streams.

Timing : 6 AM to 6 PM

Chennai to Tada Falls : 91.1 KM

Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake, located 66 km from Chennai, is India's second largest brackish water lake, after Orissa's Chilka Lake. It is located on the boundary of Thiruvallur district in Tamil Nadu and Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh states. The island of Sriharikota, home to the famed ISRO, separates the lake from the Bay of Bengal. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations around Chennai and makes for an excellent weekend trip.

The sanctuary is home to a diverse group of migratory birds that migrate in significant numbers throughout the winter. It is one of the best spots to go bird-watching around Chennai while also enjoying a spectacular boat ride on Pulicat Lake.

Timing : 5 AM to 5 PM

Chennai to Pulicat Lake : 66 KM

Kailasakona Waterfalls

Kailasakona Waterfalls, located 93 kilometers from Chennai, is a natural perennial waterfall in the valley of Nagari hills in Chittoor district. The water comes from a fracture in a massive rock.

The waterfall is approximately 30 meters tall and drops into a little pond beneath the rock. The water here is very clear, contains significant mineral values and therapeutic properties, and can heal illnesses. However, tourists are not permitted to ascend to the top of the falls.

Timing : 24 hrs Open

Chennai to Kailasakona Waterfalls : 91.5 KM

Amirthi Zoological Park

Amirthi Zoological Park is located 155 km from Chennai, beneath the Javadu hills of Tellai and across the Amirthi River. Established in 1967, the zoo park covers an area of 25 hectares. It's named after the Amirthi River, which flows near to the park.

This park is known for its waterfalls, wildlife habitats and kid's play areas with swings. Half of this jungle has been cleared to serve as a tourist destination, with the other half being developed as a wildlife refuge. A one-kilometre journey through the park provides a complete view of Amirthi Falls, a modest flowing seasonal waterfall. Visitors can play and swim in the pool produced by the falls during the monsoon season.

Timing : 8 AM to 5 PM

Chennai to Amirthi Zoological Park : 155.1 KM

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