Best Skin Clinic in Chennai

Best Skin Clinic in Chennai

It's often said that beauty is merely superficial and that what's "inside" is what matters. Although our internal organs have great significance, our skin serves as our first line of defense against external factors. Additionally, skin can provide significant indicators of general health. To ensure that your skin continues to take good care of you, learn how to take good care of it.

Your body is protected in numerous ways by the skin. The skin acts as a barrier to keep out bacteria and other potentially harmful external elements from entering the body and endangering people's health. In any case, these days, who wouldn't want to look good? Regardless of age, feeling and looking well has become essential. Therefore, skin health is given more importance. That's why we have rounded up some of the best skin care clinics in Chennai so that you can enjoy the best!

In addition to treating a wide range of conditions, these clinics can help with stretch marks, acne, scars, hair loss, hair thinning, premature aging, wrinkles, saggy skin, cellulite, hair fall, balding, dull skin, dark circles, freckles, tan, melasma, birthmarks and removing stubborn fat.

Soul Skin Clinic

The goal of Anna Nagar's Soul Skin Clinic is to cure your skin "whole," or holistically. They involve you in a thoughtful balancing act of personalized skin care services, carefully designed products, and stimulating lifestyle activities that support your body, mind, and soul energetically to maintain balance, which in the end reflects a radiant glow on your skin from the inside out. The expertise of their staff recognizes the distinctiveness of Indian skin and hair. They consider your lifestyle and skincare routines before providing a customized treatment that addresses your issues in a more long-lasting and efficient manner.

Location : Anna Nagar

Address : 1542, H bloc, 5th street, 11th Main Rd, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040

Timing : 12 PM to 8 PM

Established in : 2021

Phone Number : 97880 00909

Email ID :

Website :

Appointment details :

Carves Skin Clinic

Focusing on various dermatology needs, Carves Skin Clinic is a doctor-based skin clinic located in Chennai. Dr. Sindhu Raagavi Balaji personally selects non-invasive, non-surgical treatments for each patient's skin type. They are carried out in a nursery setting. Complete solutions are offered by Carves Skin Clinic for all of your dermatological and cosmetic needs. The Clinic strives to give top-notch dermatological care and cutting-edge dermatological solutions. They are committed to providing simple, quick, efficient, and reasonably priced skin care procedures. Furthermore, their patients are guaranteed a fulfilling experience by their professional doctors, highly skilled therapists, and cozy surroundings.

Location : Velachery

Address : 320A / 47A, Velachery Main Road, Landmark: Near j 7 Police Station, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

Timing : Mon-Sat 11 AM to 8 PM

Established in : 2012

Phone Number : 72998 28960

Email ID :

Website :

Appointment details :

Dermis Clinic

At Dermis, they prioritize resolving all of your dermatology and cosmetic issues since they feel it is their highest duty to inform patients of their condition, provide them with all available options for treatment, and assist them in overcoming it. With over 20 years of expertise, Dr. Ganga is a highly skilled dermatologist, trichologist, and aesthetic dermatologist. For all of your problems with skin and hair care, you can find a complete care answer here. In addition, they provide laser services.

Location : Adyar

Address : 60/D, 1st Floor, Ashvin Arcade, opp. to Pillayar Kovil, Venkata Rathnam Nagar Extension, Venkata Rathinam Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

Timing : Mon-Sat 10 AM to 7 PM

Established in : 2013

Phone Number : 9566125531 / 044-48552881

Email ID :

Website :

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Desire Aesthetics Clinic

Desire Aesthetics Clinic, a reconstructive surgery and cosmetic enhancement facility, is situated in Chennai. The facility is dedicated to providing reasonably priced cosmetic and plastic surgery services and is outfitted with the most recent, well-researched technologies. Renowned cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. A. Sivakumar is the clinic's director. With a staff of plastic and cosmetic surgeons who have 50 years of combined experience, the clinic has been offering medicinal and surgical cosmetic procedures. The specialists at Desire Aesthetics Clinic assist in function restoration to enhance an individual's attractiveness.

Location : Anna Nagar East

Address : NEW NO:03,OLD NO:02, First St, R.V. Nagar, VOC Nagar, Annanagar East, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102

Timing : Mon-Sat 9 AM to 7 PM

Established in : 1999

Phone Number : 044-26222323 / 95513 32323

Email ID :

Website :

Appointment details :

Auroraa Skin & Cosmetic Clinic

The well-known Auroraa Clinic in Chennai is a skin and cosmetic clinic with licensed medical and aesthetic specialists who specialize in dermatology, hair care, and cosmetology procedures. Their mission is to improve the lives of people of all ages. Using the most up-to-date technology and skilled, certified personnel, Auroraa provides superior treatments and sophisticated technological procedures. In order to ensure pleasant treatment schedules and the best possible outcomes, Auroraa also customizes its therapies to each patient's preferences and needs.

Location : Ashok Nagar

Address : 34/1, Vaigai Colony 2nd Cross St, 12th Avenue, Mettuppalayam, Ashok Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600083

Timing : 8 AM to 9 PM

Phone Number : 73584 82220

Email ID :

Website :

Glo Clinic

Glo Clinic is renowned for being a one-stop shop for all things related to weight loss, hair loss, and skin care. They make you seem gorgeous and alluring using cutting-edge techniques. One of the top skin clinics in Chennai's Anna Nagar is Glo Clinic. Their goal is to offer their esteemed patients top-notch care for all skin, hair, and weight loss conditions. As soon as the newest technologies hit the market, they immediately updated their services.

Location : Anna Nagar

Address : D-36, 4th St, D Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102

Timing : Mon-Sat 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Established in : 2020

Phone Number : 6379817679

Email ID :

Website :

Appointment details :

ISMO Skin Clinic

The highest calibre services are available at ISMO Skin and Aesthetic Clinic, a deluxe facility run by skilled dermatologists and hair specialists. With its cutting-edge operating facilities, ISMO is a unique cosmetic clinic. They work hard to uphold the greatest safety standards while offering everyone customized, excellent cosmetic care. Good dermatologists handle skin-related treatments, and skilled cosmetic surgeons carry out all of the surgical procedures they do. As a comprehensive aesthetic healthcare brand, its philosophy is to honour each patient's physical appearance because each person has a distinct hereditary beauty that should be preserved. They have already treated over 10,000 individuals in India for conditions like acne and hair loss.

Location : Alwarpet

Address : No.24, G.S.Towers, First Floor, Abiramapuram 4th Street, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

Timing : 10 AM to 8 PM

Established in : 2017

Phone Number : 8056133033

Email ID :

Website :

Olive Hair & Skin Clinic

Oliva was founded in 2009 and is the leading dermatological care provider in the country. They provide state-of-the-art medico-aesthetic treatments tailored to the various needs of their prestigious clientele, and they have grown to become a network of 30 state-of-the-art clinics, serving 10 major cities nationwide. Oliva is the proud recipient of the Times of India's No. 1 Dermatology Clinic Chain Award and is supported by the largest team of more than 100 dermatologists and state-of-the-art technologies. Their painstakingly created custom treatments guarantee safety and effectiveness while providing unmatched outcomes and long-lasting client satisfaction.

Location : Mylapore

Address : 2nd Floor, Flat No‚Aos : 2A & 2B, KG Business center, 65, TT Krishnamachari Rd, CIT Colony, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018

Timing : 10 Am to 9 PM

Established in : 2009

Phone Number : 92054 80470

Website :

Appointment details :

Kaya Skin Clinic

Kaya Ltd was founded on March 27, 2003, in response to the growing need for skincare and haircare products since the early 2000s. These days, they provide a variety of fully furnished clinics and goods throughout India and the Middle East to meet skin and hair care demands. Each clinic has the newest technology available, as well as highly skilled skin care professionals who are knowledgeable about Indian skin and hair care products that are specially created with this knowledge. For the best dermatologist-recommended skincare solutions for issues like dark spots, hyperpigmentation, ageing, scarring, and hair removal, Kaya Clinics is the skin care facility closest to you. With Kaya's expertise, you may increase the healthy brightness of your skin and hair with treatments that are scientifically advanced and dermatologist-approved.

Location : T Nagar

Address : No. 99, New, No.68, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Rd, T. Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017

Timing : 10 AM to 8 PM

Established in : 2003

Phone Number : 86575 69408

Website :

Halos Clinic

Under the direction of Dr. Prasanthi Ganeshram, Halos Clinic was established in 2014 and provides the greatest treatments for skin, hair, and facial enhancements. For all of your skin and hair-related needs, Halos will be your one-stop shop. Their top priorities are to fully analyze and comprehend your issue since they genuinely think that identifying the underlying cause of the issue will help them choose the best course of action. With their wealth of information at their disposal, they facilitate your understanding of a problem. Modern technologies that encourage you to be your best self complement counselling.

Location : Aminjikarai

Address : 250, Poonamallee High Rd, Aminjikarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600029

Timing : 11 AM to 3 PM

Established in : 2014

Phone Number : 99449 27724

Email ID :

Website :

Appointment details :

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