Cheap and Best shopping places in Chennai

Cheap and Best shopping places in Chennai

Want to buy new clothes without going bankrupt? Looking for the best deal on electrical accessories? Or are you hoping to purchase some vegetables or drapes? When it comes to shopping, Chennai does not let down its guests.

From small local businesses selling price-friendly options like Pattamara mats and metal works from Thanjavur, stone carvings from Mamallapuram, and traditional jewellery from Kumbakonam, leaf crafts from Tirunelveli, and silks from Kanchipuram. Here is a list of Chennai's best locations to shop on a tight budget.

Pondy Bazaar, T.Nagar

Truckloads of goods can be found on T-Nagar Street; our top picks from this area are the cotton kurtis, shoes, and earrings. It's a budget shopper's paradise with earrings for as little as INR 10 that go with casual clothing and dangling choices that go with Western clothing. Check out the slip-ons, mirror-work juttis, and totes as well.

Ranganathan Street, T.Nagar

A significant business thoroughfare can be found on Ranganathan Street in the T. Nagar neighborhood. One of Chennai's busiest streets is this one. The street is home to a number of businesses, mostly those in the apparel and jewelry sectors. It is frequently referred to as Chennai's busiest street. On one end of the roadway is Usman Road. The Mambalam railroad station is at the opposite end.

Koyambedu Market

One of Asia's largest wholesale market complexes for perishable items is the Koyambedu Wholesale Market Complex. The market complex occupies 295 acres of space. The best place to get fresh vegetables is either at wholesale or retail. In comparison to city retail stores, the costs are incredibly low. The fruit market is really fantastic. Fresh fruit varieties are arranged in little heaps, and the haggling is pretty fascinating. No matter how much they purchase, everyone haggles at these stores.


Another important shopping district with several retail establishments and sizable showrooms is Kottivakkam. Additionally, the area is home to a number of eateries and candy stores that will keep you entertained while you're there. Additionally, there are lots of shops offering ready-made goods at reasonable prices here.

Mylapore Tank

Go to Mylapore Tank the next time you have the chance if you prefer the style and atmosphere of stores that are located on the sidewalk. The lovely old-style market is a true feast for the eyes, soul, and wallet with roadside hawkers on the streets bordering the tank and around the temple! There is enough here to keep you completely charmed, including dance jewellery, counterfeit temple jewellery, trinkets, fake flowers and sticker potters, pooja things, pottery earthenware, baskets, and the most stunning assortment of colored glass bangles.

Spencer Plaza, Anna Salai

Spencer Plaza is the first shopping center to bring together all daily-wear necessities under one roof, including western and ethnic tops, tailoring shops, inexpensive purses, accessories, and t-shirts. Though it may not be as well-known as it once was, there are still plenty of undiscovered jewels in this area. There are a variety of booths selling apparel and shoes starting at INR 100. Don't forget to visit Phase 2's "end of the old block" for an incredible selection of shoes.

Pantheon Road, Egmore

Pantheon Road offers the greatest materials for as little as INR 50 per meter, including bandhini and kalamkari as well as Aztec prints and even quirky animal prints. The nicest thing is that you can haggle to your heart's content all down the street. Along the road, stores have cropped up that sell PJs, joggers, and floral and colorful off-the-shoulder tops, among other things, for about INR 150.

Mint Street, George Town

It's a joy to shop here for colorful and charming additions to your wardrobe. Starting at INR 200, we discovered floral handbags, leather slings, and even adorable backpacks. Along with stylish bags, a plethora of sari and blouse stores, and kiosks selling kurtis in various shapes and prices, you'll also discover them when you enter the Sowcarpet neighborhood's winding streets. If personalization is your thing, this is where you can find everything from patches to exclusive embroidery supplies. Amazing fake jewellery may be found in the stores near the Jain Temple for as little as INR 40.

Fountain Plaza, Egmore

Fountain Plaza is the spot to go for inexpensive clothing, comfy shoes for college, and cheap phone cases because it is so close to the majority of Chennai's female universities. They have tailors working on their basement floor, sewing anything from contemporary shirts to off-the-shoulder skirts, Kurtis, lehengas, and more. The row of shoe stores adjacent to the hub for phone cases has all different types of shoes, but slip-ons start at INR 120 and are the best for daily wear.

Parry's Corner, George Town

The neighborhood known as Parry's Corner is made up of numerous streets, each of which is known for selling a certain kind of goods. Bunder Street is a street where paper and paper-related items like stationery and books are exclusively sold at wholesale pricing. Badrian Street, which is right next to Bunder Street and sells flowers wholesale, is very lively. Godown Street offers incredibly low prices on textiles and saree supplies from all across the nation. In truth, Mint Street is a component of Parry's Corner because it is so large. The city's largest businesses receive their supplies from these streets, which also retail their goods at discount prices.

Burma Bazar, George Town

The most popular market for shopping in Chennai is said to be George Town. The Burma Bazar is pretty fascinating to stroll through. The market is most renowned for its stunning and plush mulberry silk products, as well as the well-known Kanchipuram sarees. However, there are many stores that sell toys, colognes, electronics, jewellery, ready-made clothing, fabric, stationery, gifts, traditional handicrafts, clothing, purses, shoes, rubbish accessories, mobile accessories, and other stuff.

Godown Street

Godown Street dates back roughly 200 years. The street is a wholesale market where textiles have been sold for many years. There are discounts available on all things, and the market is significantly less expensive than any other shopping area in Chennai. The mainstay of this market is imported goods from China, Taiwan, and other Asian nations.

Sowcarpet, George Town

For lehengas, churidars, cholis, and other traditional North Indian clothing, head to Sowcarpet. North Indians are in abundance in the market, which is in Chennai's northern region. Here, gorgeous ready-to-wear clothing is on sale throughout the year. Plus, you can find some amazing items here that will encourage you to visit this market frequently.

Anna Salai

Anna Salai, formerly known as St. Thomas Mount Road, is one of Chennai's most well-known shopping districts. The market, which stretches from Fort St. George to Kathipara Junction, is one of the greatest places to shop for handicrafts. Numerous shops selling handicrafts and ethnic clothing, including silk sarees and lehengas, can be found in the market.

Ritchie Street, Chintadripet

The second-largest electronic center in India is located on Ritchie Street. In the market, there are more than 2000 stores. Other nearby streets are also covered by the market. Due to its beginnings as the radio market, this market was formerly known by that name. Electronics, robotics, LED lighting, TVs, computers, mobile devices, laptops, CCTV stores, and a lot more items related to tools and other machinery are all available. Most stores at the Ritchie Market offer the best discounts and the lowest prices. There are also several repair shops.

Panagal Park, Kodambakkam

This is a neighborhood with a street market in T. Nagar. It appears that the Raja of Panagal, the CM of Madras Presidency. It is encircled by a lovely green landscape. It is located close to shopping centers. There are many stores in the streets around Panagal Park such as Ranganathan Street and South Usman Road. Most of the jewellery is made of gold, although some also have silk sarees and other ethnic clothing. Genuine Kanjeevaram sarees can be found at some retail centers.

Moore Market, Periyamet

The Moore Market Complex is located in Chennai's Park Town. It is both a commercial complex and the Chennai Suburban Railway Station's railway terminus. In this market, you may find all kinds of books. Whether you're looking for academic or personal development books, Moore Market can simply meet all of your book needs. Additionally, you may get second-hand books for much less money and resell them.

Besant Nagar

In addition to being the center for several coastal eateries and food carts, Besant Nagar is also a tiny street shopping haven with everything from shoes and fabrics to jewellery and more! At Fast Fashions, you may purchase loose t-shirts, striped shirts, and lovely scarves. For summer dresses, long skirts, designer jeans, and linen apparel, you could go to Elliot's Fashions, which is located just across from the Besant Nagar beach on the farther end. You may buy Methiyadi shoes starting at INR 100, along with ballerinas, striped wedges, slip-ons made of bamboo fiber, and a large range of other footwear.

Pallavaram Friday Market

Thirusulam's Pallavaram Friday Market, also called Pallavaram Sandhai, is a market. There are food items, plant saplings, animals, and electrical things accessible in this old marketplace for sellers. The market first appeared about 1800. The market, which is only open on Fridays, is popularly referred to as the Friday Market. Amazing Sandhai where you may find everything for a reasonable price, including fruits, veggies, watches, old clothing, sarees, curtains, new furniture, sofas, and resale electronics.

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