Chennai Properties Digital Property Fair 2020

Chennai Properties Digital Property Fair 2020

Chennai Properties Digital Property Fair 2020 - A Revolutionary Initiative

Chennai Properties is here with our revolutionary initiative of Digital Property Fair 2020! This is going to be conducted as a ginormous property fair where you will witness the largest collection of properties across Chennai city. The property fair conducted by Chennai Properties shall take place between the 15th of October until 15th of December 2020.

Call for Real Estate Developers

Here is our call to all building constructors, real estate developers and property owners to get the peerless opportunity of showcasing your property in this remarkable property fair.

Let’s Get Digitally Connected

Our lifetime on the whole can be divided into two eras (weird, but practical!): the pre-COVID period and post-COVID period. While digitization has been a factor of luxury during the period in the pre-COVID-19 period, scenarios have turned vice-versa where digitization has become inevitable, and we all have started working digitally and connected virtually.

In the same lines, is here with our stride to take the real estate industry a few steps closer to customers. With this aim, we are conducting this property fair with strong belief and confidence of bridging customer demands and prime properties available across the Chennai city.

This event shall see participation by the city’s best developers and esteemed banks that will extend their financial support to property buyers and facilitate their dreams of owning a property in Chennai metropolis.

Our partners - Online, Print and Overseas

Chennai Properties leaves no stone unturned in taking this digital property fair to the global audiences. And that is why we have tied up with the Times of India to be our print partner. And our association with a number of NRI Tamil associations will propagate the property fair ideas across countries including Dubai, Bahrain, Singapore, USA, Qatar, etc.

At this juncture, we are also pleased to receive the support and facilitation by the Builders Association of India (BAI) and CREDAI and make this a grand success!

Reasons to take part in the Property Fair :

Yes, just because something is digital, you need not necessarily say ‘YES’, but what if you are missing some potential properties that will have good scope of becoming your own in the near future?

The Chennai Property Fair 2020 will exhibit the widest range of properties of all types including apartments, villas, plots, and much more. This is aimed to be a holistic event and hence will also have the financing aspect covered end-to-end. Top Indian banks will take part to assess your eligibility for a housing loan and suggest necessary proceedings to avail the same. In addition, our advisors are here to personally support and guide you through the process of buying property. They never fail to assure and reassure the credibility of properties taking part in the fair and make it ideal for aspiring property owners!

Why wait? Get your important tasks done prior and become free from the 15th of October. Just a few days left, and yaah, we are nearing.

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