Credai Fairpro 2023

Credai Fairpro 2023

Happening successfully since the year 2008, the CREDAI Fair Pro 2023 is back this year yet again! Have your anticipations on, and get your dopamine levels pumping to book on your convenient property choice this year!

Introduction to CREDAI Fair Pro in Chennai

If you are still wondering what the features of the CREDAI Fair Pro are, you need to check this out! This is a mega property fair taking place in the Chennai metropolitan city. It has been occurring in the city since 2008. With the consolidated efforts of 180+ members, this property fair is going to establish the best range of residential properties. Being a professionally conducted mega event, you are certain to find credible properties with customer-centric features highlighted for you. Additionally, customers get to have the assistance of Consumer Redressal Forum where they could address their concerns, if any, and anticipate a timely response for the same. The flagship event typically kick-starts with an inaugural ceremony where VIPs are welcomed to grace the event. There used to be Deputy Chief Ministers, IPS or IAS officers and other revered personalities cordially invited to attend the eve.

Who can attend the eve?

To all those curious minds looking forward to taking part in the event, please be informed that anybody can take part in the property expo with prior registration. At the official CREDAI Fair Pro website, you have a registration form that requires your details including Email id, contact number, your overall budget for property purchase, type of property you are looking for, and your preferred date to attend the expo. These details are collected in order to follow-up with the potential customers with appropriate property choices and plan the logistics at the event accordingly. Note that the CREDAI Fair Pro 2023 is scheduled to take place on 17th, 18th and 19th of February 2023 this year.

Why attend CREDAI Fair Pro 2023?

We would suggest you to take part in the event whether or not you are desirous of buying a property for yourself! There are aplenty reasons to recommend this. To name a few:

Get to know what’s trending - The event will throw lights on what’s trending in the real estate market. There are abundant sophistications that pop up around the corner in each one of the latest constructions being done. By attending the property fair, you will have a wider vision of these trending features brought by elite property construction brands.

Diverse properties under one roof - For you to explore a property, it at least takes one day of your valuable time! But imagine bringing multiple properties under one roof on a single day? You could get the glimpse of the style of construction, its facilities, the developer, financing options, and a lot more, and get the chance of having one-to-one interactions with these constructors to discuss property details with ease. The building construction brand representatives would come forward to discuss the features in detail.

Open chance of networking – it furthermore becomes viable to network with construction brands which open up new ways to absorb better insights about existing industry trends.

Absorb huge discounts – above all, there is going to be a substantial discount in pricing when you book a property at the expo than elsewhere. Being a comprehensive event with a lot of displays and discounts, it is wise to get your properties finalized and booked here rather than opting to reach them in the future to book one. This will save a lot on the investment you make here.

Cost effective way to display – on the flipside, when it comes to the benefits of property expo to the realtors, this CREDAI fair pro 2023 is a shortcut method to reach out to a huge array of customers in one go. Being a magnum opus property fair, you will have a large scope of raising your booths with a mega display of properties that are self-explanatory to your prospects. This extends the calibre to widen your arena and enhance overall sales during the period.

Opportunity to interact – The overall session is going to be super-interactive where investors, real estate developers, customers, and sales personnel will all be brought under a single roof to discuss and brainstorm better sales and purchase decisions.

Wise way of attending an Expo:

As the first and foremost step to take before you attend the fair, get to explore the property fair pro website to discover the list of developers who are set to take part. At the CREDAI Fair Pro 2023, you will find 80+ developers including leading ones like Adityaram group, Akshaya, Arun Excello, Baashyam, TVS Emerald, Olympia, VGN, and a lot more.

As the next step, jot down the list of developers as your go-to choices at the expo and visit their individual website links to refer to their ongoing, completed or upcoming projects. This will give you better insights on what to look forward to from these brands. Proper upfront research will give you helping hands to act wisely during the actual event. In your handbook, write down the questionnaire to raise to the exhibitors to clarify your prevailing doubts and inhibitions of making a lifetime investment for you and your family.

With this collective information, discuss with your family members as to which property type would benefit your family demands. In addition, work out your finances including your savings, investments, assets and liabilities to get concrete insights on what is viable for your prevailing financing status.

Based on these, you can walk into the expo to figure out the best out of all the available options there.

The bottom line

If you have ever had any idea of walking into a property fair, this article might serve as a basic guide to start with. Before you head to the fair, just grab a handful of files or folders to grab all the brochures from top brands that have the list of all their features. Best wishes, cos this CREDAI Fair Pro 2023 could be your life changer!

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