ECR - Coastal Pradise of Chennai

ECR - Coastal Pradise of Chennai

The East Coast Road goes along the shore for 777 kilometers that extends its stretch till Kanyakumari. In Chennai the ECR - East Coast Road continues for a substantial distance from Thiruvanmiyur to Kovalam. This area is more of a party and adventure zone with a variety of eateries for a fast weekend trip. Moreover, due to the neighborhood's continual rise of the IT industry, which has opened the way for the growth of real estate property in ECR, this region has expanded tremendously both as a residential and commercial zone.

What is more fulfilling than a life that is surrounded by a lush environment and a soothing sea breeze? The entertainment spots, breathtaking beach- view resorts, restaurants, shopping malls, and theaters for well-settled living with all types of accommodations make ECR the most happening destination in Chennai city.

Because of its robust residential market, which has undergone constant expansion over the years, ECR has become one of the highly sought-after regions in Chennai. However, purchasing property in today's market can be difficult, Despite this, many investors are still lured to ECR Chennai because of its great location, outstanding amenities, and long-term appreciation potential. ECR Chennai is a prominent choice for people seeking a high-quality lifestyle and a sound investment, thanks to its stunning coastline, numerous natural spaces, and convenient access to the city's bustling business sectors. Continue reading to learn everything about ECR!

The Origin

The East Coast Road, which is recognized for its beautiful splendour, is a vital road corridor in Tamil Nadu! The road was built in 1998 by connecting and renovating a collection of minor village roads that connected fishing settlements along the Bay of Bengal's shore.

Within two years of its inception, ECR began to exhibit indications of distress, negatively impacting the riding quality and safety of road users. The prevalence of unsafe curves and other geometric flaws resulted in a lot of accidents. The MoEF's limits on property purchase, tree cutting, road width, and other issues exacerbated the situation. Given the reasons stated above, the Tamil Nadu Government (GoTN) requested that TNRDC take over the road's enhancement, operation, and upkeep on a long-term concession basis.

Following that, GoTN and TNRDC negotiated a Concession Agreement on December 22, 2000, assigning TNRDC the improvement of 113.2 kilometers of ECR between Kudimiyandithoppu close to Chennai and Koonimedu on the outskirts of Pondicherry. The construction involved extending a section of ECR to two-lane paved roadways and realigning some of the problematic curves. To improve road safety, elaborate road markings with thermoplastic reflective paints, cat's eye, delineators, and road furniture/signage were installed.

The government decided to enlarge this road to four lanes with a median from Akkarai to Mamallapuram due to the extraordinary rise in traffic over the last few years and the increase in the frequency of accidents in the lack of a center median. Finally, M K Stalin, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu renamed the stretch of East Coast Road between Chennai and Mamallapuram as Muthamizh Arignar Kalaignar Karunanidhi Salai.


The ECR, which connects Chennai to Kanyakumari, is well-connected to prominent Chennai areas. It is also easily accessible from the Old Mahabalipuram Road. The ECR Chennai route runs parallel to the OMR Road. Chennai International Airport is just 15 km away and can be reached in about 20 mins. The train stations of Velachery and Perungudi are both close to ECR Chennai.

Tourist attractions

Most locals regard ECR as the starting point for their journey to Pondicherry and beyond. However, there is so much to do on ECR that you occasionally miss out on all the pleasure.

ECR not only provides scenic vistas, but it also has various artist attractions. Cholamandal Artists' Village, created in 1966 by K.C.S. Paniker, is now a state art destination. Following that, the DakshinaChitra is a center for Indian art, folk performing arts, craft, and architecture, with a focus on South Indian traditions.

ECR also has several water sports and activities such as boating, surfing, and even paragliding! Rowing, windsurfing, water skiing, and speedboat rides are all available at Muttukadu Boat House. Covelong Bay also has a colonial Dutch Fort and a fishing town with windsurfing options. In addition, the Madras Crocodile Bank in the ECR houses the Centre for Herpetology.

ECR is home to numerous important heritage sites that attract visitors from all around the world. Mahabalipuram, with its Pallava sculptures and beach temples, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is famous for the temples and monuments built by the Pallava dynasty between the seventh and eighth centuries. The seashore Shore Temple is made up of three magnificent granite shrines. The Tiger Caves, located five km from Mamallapuram, is an ancient site with enormous rocks.

ECR Chennai is a large stretch with a long and lovely beach which resulted in the building of numerous resorts. These resorts are ideal for relaxation and leisure for guests mainly because they provide quality amenities such as seaside pools, delectable meals, a spa, a sauna, and room for get-togethers and corporate events.

Upcoming Infrastructural Development

The East Coast Road from Mamallapuram to Kanyakumari is being expanded into a four-lane motorway at a cost of 24,435 crores! The total length of the project is 697 kilometers. Infrastructure is essential to real estate growth, and roads are the foundation of infrastructure. Fortunately, ECR is renowned for its perfectly maintained road that people prefer taking rides along this stretch in Chennai, which has increased the reputation of this area in the recent times.

Furthermore, the government has granted the first sanction for the construction of bridges across Buckingham Canal to connect OMR and ECR. This will greatly assist in clearing traffic and reaching nearby places more quickly.

Investment Benefits

When it comes to buying a house, Chennai ticks all the boxes, and ECR is the developing neighborhood where properties are selling like hotcakes. The picturesque East Coast Road stretches along the Bay of Bengal coast, linking Chennai to the laid-back beaches of Pondicherry. Because of its strategic location, all properties in ECR have a spectacular ocean view as an added bonus. You may now wake up to a stunning sunrise, go for a vigorous morning walk along the beach, or sip your evening tea while enjoying the cool sea breeze. Furthermore, you will be living in a pollution-free environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Hear the gushing white waves from the comfort of your living room and live in the pinnacle of luxury in ECR's pollution-free neighborhood.

Investing in properties along East Coast Road can assure you increased returns in the long run. The majestic individual house in ECR that exudes calm beach attractiveness and cutting-edge infrastructure has resulted in a significant spike in real estate values. The prices of these abodes in ECR have risen dramatically over the last five years, offering owners a return on investment that is twice as high. Whether you intend to rent out or dwell in your property, investing in ECR will be your best financial choice.

Here is a list of the greatest places to visit in the ECR stretch:


Thiruvanmiyur, known for its beaches, is a well-established residential neighborhood in South Chennai. It has recently attracted a large number of real estate buyers due to its proximity to the IT belts of Taramani and OMR. The Adyar River, one of Chennai's most important water sources, is also nearby. The neighborhood is dominated by single-story to mid-rise apartment buildings. The key routes connecting Thiruvanmiyur to the rest of Chennai are the Rajiv Gandhi IT Expressway, East Coast Road, and Old Mahabalipuram Road.

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The area is quickly becoming a popular local vacation site for families and individuals looking to rest and relax after a long week at work. It has seaside houses with beautiful views. Most of the celebrities were drawn to the area because of the privacy and safety it provides. Following that, numerous high-end people from the elite classes became interested in the land. This also contributed to the region becoming more developed and secure, which aided the real estate market's development.

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Kottivakkam is a growing residential area in South Chennai located along the sea. Because of its close proximity to the Rajiv Gandhi Salai IT corridor, Kottivakkam is gaining popularity among house buyers. Taramani Industrial Estate is around 5 kilometers away and is easily accessible via East Coast Road.

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Injambakkam is the greatest spot to live in Chennai. It is located on a key connecting highway, the ECR, and hence provides excellent conveyance and connection.

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Kanathur is a growing neighborhood in Chennai's southern outskirts. Kanathur is flanked by various residential neighborhoods, including Uthandi, Semmancheri, and Old Vandipalayam. There are several well-planned residential projects here.

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Palavakkam is a highly recognized neighbourhod in ECR, mainly due to the presence of beautiful temples, mosques, and churches. Palavakkam area has seen exponential growth in the residential sector due to its excellent connectivity

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Uthandi is rapidly developing and is surrounded by several well-known beaches. Golden Beach is only a short distance away. Uthandi is well-known for attracting tourists. Uthandi's residential sector includes some of the most exquisite properties with all the amenities. Juhu Beach is a well-known section of Uthandi. You can also visit the PVR: Heritage RSL ECR and Mayajal in this area to catch the latest films and eat in the food courts!

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Kovalam, also known as Covelong, is a well-known fishing village and tourist destination on the ECR Road. Kovalam Beach, located on the Bay of Bengal's shore near the settlement of Covelong, was given the name "Covelong" by the British due to their inability to pronounce "Kovalam." A tranquil haven surrounded by palm palms and a shimmering beach. The surrounding village is home to India's first surfing school. Visitors to the beach can participate in a variety of water activities.

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