Explore Types of Homes in Chennai

Explore Types of Homes in Chennai

Chennai is well-known for healthcare, automobile industry, IT sector, Education and more. But this city is much more than that, and it boasts some beautiful architectural structures. There have been major variations in the style and landscape of Chennai architecture, spanning from ancient Dravidian temples and Pallava buildings to classic European architecture. Chennai was India's first metropolis to adopt Victorian architecture. Every period in its history has defined a specific architectural style, resulting in the development of distinct types of buildings throughout that time, and Chennai architecture is no exception.

But now, in this blog, we will especially walk you through several types of homes in Chennai. So, if you're searching to buy a new house or invest in a new residential property, you've come to the correct place! We're here to look at various kinds of properties, from ancient mansions to modern mansions to tiny dwellings. We'll discuss the distinctive features and styles of many types of residences. So, let's get started and explore the world of houses and their various varieties!

First, let's look at some traditional styles

Older Tamil Nadu Style

Older Tamil Nadu homes are typically roofed on two levels, one for the porch and the other for the interior of the house. Terracotta pillars with exquisite carvings and reliefs support the roof.

Dravidian Style

Towering temple gopurams and massive temple complexes are influences on older Dravidian-style buildings. They have a central courtyard that is encircled by a few wings of rooms that entrance into it. Tall ornately ornamented entrance ways are common.

Agraharam Style

Rowhouses line both sides of the street leading up to a temple, forming a garland around the temple in the Agraharam style of construction. The route serves as a gathering place for the entire Agraharam. In contrast to courtyard dwellings, which were all connected by a side passage, the rooms inside each house followed a linear pattern. Skylights would be illuminated by glass tiles on tiled roofs.

Moving on to the modern era


A flat, or apartment, is a type of dwelling that is becoming increasingly popular in Chennai. These residential structures are the ideal answer for urban living when land becomes limited. They are furnished with the essentials for a pleasant lifestyle and range in size from 1BHK to 3BHK and even more. Builders also supply modern homeowners with additional conveniences.

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Studio Room

Another type of residence is the studio flat, commonly known colloquially as a room-kitchen (RK). These residences are typically used by working professionals and students since they are compact and efficient. These flats are ideal for persons on a tight budget and bachelors who want to share their living space with others.


The penthouse is the most opulent style of home. Penthouses are luxury homes on the top floor of a high-rise structure. These residences represent exclusivity and grandeur, with lavish features not typically found in standard apartments. The benefits of living in a penthouse include ventilation, natural light, and an unobstructed view of the surroundings.


Bungalows are single-story or one-and-a-half-story houses with a parking spot and a garden. Bungalows are significantly more expensive than apartments or flats since they require larger living space. Because of the pandemic, people are increasingly preferring larger outside spaces for amusement and leisure. Traditional and modern styles are also available for a one-of-a-kind and personalized residence.


A villa in India is a magnificent home with all modern conveniences. It is spacious, with a backyard and a lawn, creating a sense of community with other villas in the area while still providing the seclusion of the independent property. Such villas are frequently found in gated communities that include amenities such as a swimming pool, a theatre, and a clubhouse.

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Condos or condominiums are becoming increasingly popular in most major cities. This sort of housing is located in apartment buildings and is made up of separately owned apartments. The property is handled either by the owners or by a property management company. Furthermore, owners benefit from shared communal facilities such as a garden and patio.

Row Houses

Row houses are detached residences located in gated communities. These are a mix of bungalows and flats that allow the owners to live independently while still being part of a community.

Duplex House

Duplex houses combine the seclusion of a single-family home with the convenience of an apartment. Such structures are becoming increasingly popular among Indian families, particularly those with several generations. Many builders are customizing the layout of duplex homes to meet the wants of the buyers.


Farmhouses are ideal for folks who enjoy spending time in nature. These buildings, which are surrounded by beautiful flora, are a popular choice for vacation homes and second homes. Farmhouse residents can live a rural lifestyle, cultivate their own crops, and even have parties without disturbing their neighbors.

Eco-friendly House

Eco-friendly homes are becoming increasingly popular in Chennai. These homes are built using non-toxic and energy-efficient elements such as thermal insulation, low-flow taps, rainwater harvesting, and water-efficient appliances.

Chennai is a beautiful city that is home to an array of diverse and unique houses. Come find beautiful villas, apartments, and individual house in Chennaiproperties.in.

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