GP Homes Pvt Ltd

GP Homes Pvt Ltd

GP Homes pvt ltd is one of the leading real estate developers in Chennai because of their track record of timely project completion. They are on a winning streak and have experience for about 18 years. More than 200 plus houses and more than 1500 happy families at GP houses attest to their reliable and timely handovers.

Given the current circumstances, a number of real estate companies have found it particularly difficult to complete their projects on schedule; yet, GP Homes has remained steadfast in their commitments in spite of additional difficulties. Thus, GP Homes has solidified its standing as a trustworthy and reputable provider of private housing, enabling thousands of families to live in affordable houses.

In 2011, there were 1.2 billion people living in India, up 180 million from the preceding ten years. For what may have been the first time in Indian history, the urban population increased more quickly than the rural population between 2001 and 2011. Affordable housing is a crucial necessity in light of the swiftly occurring changes, particularly in urban areas.

Chennai's population is more diverse, has better health, appropriate work, and financial stability, and is safer when there is affordable real estate available. Affordable housing has a significant impact on locals and has the power to completely change neighborhoods, especially when developments are planned with an urban strategy in mind.

Renowned real estate company GP Homes specialises in residential developments with a contemporary twist and a blend of culture. Every generation's dreams are realized by their beautiful landmarks and clever constructions. They have produced high-quality homes since their founding in 2005, confirming their meticulous attention to detail and steady quality. Their company's structures validate the perspective by demonstrating their commitment to providing affordable luxury and originality.

The company has won numerous honors for its dedication to client satisfaction. Its modern, roomy, reasonably priced, and unique projects are designed to fulfill customers' aspirations. GP Homes have proven their dedication to quality by completing projects with security systems, elegant lobbies, and beautifully designed gardens. One of the most crucial elements in evaluating a real estate brand's credibility is how well it executes projects on time. That's the main goal of GP Homes!

They have promised since the beginning that only the best building materials are utilized to create homes that you would adore and leave as a lasting legacy. Additionally, they pledge to always provide the best possible customer service to each and every one of their clients, no matter what.

The greatest asset in a person's life is their real estate investment. For this reason, they guarantee to make it a lifetime investment that is both safe and reasonably priced. Additionally, the locations of their projects guarantee that you can always easily access your favorite establishments, such as shops, schools, and hospitals.

GP Homes have always been keen on dating to new technologies. Their projects are built using advanced technologies, maintaining international standard construction methodologies, that sets them off for a great start for the future. Tastefully crafted with lots of room for positive community living experiences. Stay tuned to check out their forthcoming projects and select your favorite.

Basic Info About GP Homes Pvt Ltd

Address : 740, 4th Ave, D-Sector, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600101

Contact Number : 8056269696

Mail ID :

Established year : 2005

Founder : Sivalingam Elumalai / Gunabalachandar Elumalai and Prathap Raj

Find the list of top and trending projects by GP Homes Pvt Ltd at

GP Homes Nanmanai

Property Type : Plots in red hills

Total units : 34

Price Ranges : 1978000 - 11500000 *

Unit Sizes : 535 - 3130 Sqft

GP The Breeze Way

Property Type : Flats in ambattur

Total units : 29

Price Ranges : 5209000 - 8040000 *

Unit Sizes : 882 - 1363 Sqft

Project Status : Under Construction

GP Homes Garden Bay

Property Type : Plots in kolathur

Total units : 19

Price Ranges : 6249000 - 13700000 *

Unit Sizes : 625 - 1380 Sqft

GP Homes Ethulia

Property Type : Plots in thiruverkadu

Total units : 55

Price Ranges : 4872000 - 14700000 *

Unit Sizes : 886 - 2687 Sqft

GP Valencia Ruby

Property Type : Flats in ayanambakkam

Total units : 40

Price Ranges : 5653000 - 7953000 *

Unit Sizes : 912 - 1283 Sqft

Project Status : Under Construction

GP Blazing Star

Property Type : Flats in porur

Total units : 25

Price Ranges : 5745000 - 9552000 *

Unit Sizes : 845 - 1405 Sqft

Project Status : Under Construction

GP Homes Fairmont

Property Type : Plots in poonamallee

Total units : 50

Price Ranges : 3576000 - 5960000 *

Unit Sizes : 813 - 1355 Sqft

GP Ellora Castle

Property Type : Flats in padi

Total units : 8

Price Ranges : 6689000 - 11800000 *

Unit Sizes : 806 - 1424 Sqft

Project Status : Under Construction

Gp Elanza

Property Type : Flats in madhananthapuram

Total units : 35

Price Ranges : 5093000 - 8087000 *

Unit Sizes : 835 - 1326 Sqft

Project Status : Under Construction

GP Homes Valencia Emerald

Property Type : Flats in ayanambakkam

Total units : 28

Price Ranges : 4884000 - 7437000 *

Unit Sizes : 857 - 1305 Sqft

Project Status : Under Construction

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