GST Road - The busiest National Highways

GST Road - The busiest National Highways

With Chennai booming and expanding at a rapid pace, Grand Southern Trunk Road, or GST Road as it is colloquially known, has emerged as one of the most desirable regions to dwell. GST Road has good infrastructure and is one of South India's busiest National Highways. The route is 472 km long and runs from Kathipara junction in Guindy to Theni. GST Road, in addition to offering great connectivity to the airport and surrounding suburbs, is regarded as a hotspot for real estate investments. The presence of numerous IT parks and huge businesses has drawn individuals to this area. Continue reading to learn more about GST Road in Chennai.

The Origin

The Grand Southern Trunk Road, or GST Road as it’s commonly known, is more than just a road. It’s a symbol of India’s rich history and rapid development. This road has seen the passage of time, from the ancient era when it was a bustling trade route, to the British colonial period when it was developed into a crucial part of the Grand Trunk Roads, and finally to the post-independence era when the Indian government took over its enhancement.

Today, GST Road, which is part of National Highway 45 (NH45), is a lifeline for Chennai and Tamil Nadu. It starts from Kathipara Junction in St Thomas Mount, Chennai, and stretches all the way to Theni. It passes through key localities, connecting Chennai to other major towns and cities in the state. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has been proactive in maintaining and upgrading the road, with recent initiatives including the proposal of a double-deck structure between the airport and Irumbuliyur and the rectification of accident-prone spots to enhance safety.

But GST Road is not just about the past; it’s also about the present and the future. With India’s economic liberalisation in the 1990s, the country experienced growth in numerous industries. Chennai, being one of the major cities, saw a surge in growth and development. Today, the city’s economy is driven by a variety of industries, including automobile, healthcare, manufacturing, and software services.

GST Road has played a significant role in this economic expansion. It remains a vital artery that connects some of the city’s most prominent neighbourhoods. The road, which is approximately 470 km long, connects Chennai and Trichy and is a vital commerce route connecting Chennai Airport to the city’s southern outskirts.

About 20 years ago, this stretch of road was just starting to grow. But due to its strategic location, several micro-markets have sprouted up along its length. Areas like Pallavaram, Chromepet, Tambaram, Perungalathur, Vandalur, Urapakkam, Guduvanchery, and Kattankolathur have become important commercial centres.

The journey of GST Road mirrors the evolution of India’s transportation infrastructure. From a simple trade route to a vital transportation artery, GST Road continues to play a pivotal role in the region’s economy and connectivity, shaping the lives of its residents and the future of the region. It’s a testament to India’s growth story and stands as a symbol of Chennai’s resilience and ambition.


GST Road is one of the primary connection networks in Chennai, providing crucial connectivity for the city and the surrounding regions. Its strategic location and infrastructure make it an essential transportation corridor for both residents and travelers. Here are the key aspects of connectivity on GST Road:

GST Road, fondly referred to as NH 45, is a vital lifeline that binds Chennai with several significant locations within Tamil Nadu and beyond. It serves as a crucial link between the city center and towns such as Tambaram, Chengalpattu, and Tindivanam, making it an indispensable route for daily commuters and goods transportation. Moreover, it opens up access to numerous commercial and industrial centers, bolstering trade, logistics, and goods movement in and out of Chennai.

GST Road’s strategic location near Chennai International Airport offers travelers effortless access to both domestic and international flights. This convenience extends to residents and visitors alike, ensuring smooth travel experiences. Furthermore, it’s not just the airport; major IT Parks are conveniently located along this road.

GST Road is seamlessly integrated with the city’s public transportation network, including buses and suburban trains. Tambaram, one of the busiest suburban railway stations, is situated along GST Road, offering connections to various parts of Chennai and other towns.

GST Road stands as a testament to modern infrastructure, designed to handle heavy traffic with ease. Multiple lanes, flyovers, underpasses, and service lanes all contribute to a smoother traffic flow and reduced congestion.

As a significant highway, GST Road provides access to several commercial and industrial hubs. This connectivity is crucial for the movement of goods to and from Chennai, supporting the city’s vibrant trade and logistics scene. Key employment hubs like Mahindra World City, Infosys, Capgemini, Wipro have their address on the GST Road.

GST Road’s importance is set to grow even further with several infrastructure projects in the pipeline. The Chennai Metro extension and planned improvements to the road network promise to enhance connectivity along GST Road in the coming years. The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has recommended that metro rail services be extended from Koyambedu to Avadi for an elevated stretch of 16.07 km with a tentative 15 stations. The state government is set to conduct studies to determine the feasibility of extending three corridors of the metro rail’s second phase. This includes a proposed extension to Sriperumbudur, passing through Thirumazhisai. The Phase II expansion has been planned for a length of 118.9 Km network with 128 nos. of Stations.

Social Infrastructure

GST Road, also known as NH 45, is a vital artery in Chennai, connecting the city to various key locations within Tamil Nadu. It's home to several prestigious educational institutions like Velammal Vidyalaya, Sri Sankara Vidyalaya, and SRM Institute of Science and Technology. The road also provides easy access to healthcare facilities such as Apollo Clinic and Hindu Mission Hospital. Numerous residential communities line the road, offering a comfortable living environment with amenities like parks and Shopping malls. The area around GST Road is culturally vibrant, boasting social spaces, temples, and local markets. Recreational spaces like parks and the Arignar Anna Zoological Park provide relaxation and outdoor activities. Shopping centres, local markets, and dining establishments dot the road, offering a variety of options for shopping, entertainment, and dining. In essence, GST Road symbolises Chennai's growth and development, serving as evidence of the city's progress and its relentless march towards the future. Whether you're a resident, a commuter, or a visitor, GST Road offers a dynamic and enriching experience.

Tourist attractions

GST Road is a bustling thoroughfare with a high volume of traffic. Despite the constant cacophony of moving automobiles, buses, and trucks, the GST road has a few tranquil locations interspersed with vegetation to relax and pleasant recreational spaces.

With an area of around 1,500 acres, the Arignar Anna Zoological park is India's largest Zoological Park. It is located 9 kilometres south of Tambaram on the GST route. The lush greenery makes it a nice spot to visit in a city that is typically known for its oppressive summer heat. The majority of animals are housed in an environment that is comparable to their natural surroundings. As a result, we don't see many caged animals here. Even the huge cats can roam freely in large regions separated from onlookers by moats.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is located 29 kilometres south of Chengalpattu toll plaza. Continue on GST road for 17 kilometres beyond the toll plaza, then turn right at Padalam intersection. A village road leads from there to Vedanthangal. Migratory birds choose the trees in the middle of the rain-fed lake as perfect nesting grounds. Birds from all over the world are believed to visit Vedanthangal.

Kolavai Lake is located in the Kanchipuram district. The lake is located on the southwest side of Chengalpattu town, bordering the Chennai suburbs. The lake has shrunk in size due to increased urbanisation, yet it has remained a perennial lake. Kolavai Lake is a great place for a picnic early in the morning to see the dawn.

The Indian Institute of Technology is one of India's leading engineering institutes. Aside from diverse engineering streams, major research and incubation is also carried out here. The campus is incredibly natural and green, with a variety of animals, insects, and bird species. This is not it, you can find many more places to enjoy here at the GST Road.

Upcoming Infrastructural Development

The Grand Southern Trunk (GST) Road in Chennai is poised for a significant transformation with several infrastructural projects in the pipeline:

Elevated Corridor from Tambaram to Chengalpattu: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is gearing up to commence work on an elevated corridor that will span from Perungalathur to beyond the Paranur toll plaza. This six-lane elevated stretch is expected to alleviate traffic congestion on this busy route. The corridor will feature entry and exit ramps at key locations such as the Kilambakkam bus terminus, Potheri near SRM College, and Mahindra World City.

Expansion of Chengalpattu-Tindivanam Stretch: The NHAI has plans to upgrade the Chengalpattu-Tindivanam stretch of the GST Road from four lanes to eight lanes. This upgrade will include service roads on both sides and the construction of two-lane bridges on either side of the existing Palar bridge to facilitate smoother vehicular movement.

Additional Elevated Corridors: The NHAI has proposed the construction of four more elevated corridors, including the Maduravoyal-Sriperumbudur section on the Chennai-Bengaluru highway, Madhavaram junction to Outer Ring Road on the Chennai-Kolkata highway, and the Tiruchy-Thuvakudi stretch of the Tiruchy-Thanjavur highway.

Real Estate Boom: The GST Road is set to witness a surge in real estate activity with the launch of several projects like Mahindra Iris Court, Mahindra Nova, CS Gateway, Avigna Celeste Phase-I, Lake Sterling, and Vivendi Nile Nahar.

Connectivity to Parandur Airport: The upcoming Parandur Airport will soon be accessible via the GST Road.

Investment Benefits

The GST Road, one of Chennai's most important thoroughfares, is regarded as one of the most important investment sites, notably for housing investment.

Chennai has evolved as a popular location and safe haven for both domestic and multinational corporations (MNCs). This has been the most significant driver of the city's rapid growth. As the city's central regions have gotten increasingly congested, Chennai has been compelled to build horizontally, with a focus on the south. With modern highways, infrastructure, hotels, automobile giants, Gold Souks, Shopping Malls, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, and various SEZs, GST Road has become a desired location.

GST Road benefits from densely populated catchment areas such as Tambaram, Chromepet, Pallavaram, and Perungalathur, making it a desirable development location for IT/ITES, BPO, KPO, and EPO enterprises. The GST Road is home to the world-class Mahindra Global City SEZ, in addition to MEPZ, which houses various export industries and provides space for IT parks.

The GST Road corridor's superior infrastructure and connectivity make it an obvious choice for investment, and as a result, this sector is expected to be one of the city's fastest developing. The neighbourhood offers a decent mix of low-cost flats in multi-story buildings and plotted projects. There are a lot of affordable plots constructed in this corridor due to the availability of big open expanses of land, and there is good investor demand for these. There are a few shopping outlets and maybe two malls along the road. Check out the following prominent GST Road locations:


Urapakkam, on the GST Road between Vandalur and Guduvancherry, contains everything a modern homebuyer might desire. The micro-market is one of Chennai's most appealing residential hotspots, with towering apartments, commercial complexes, busy roads, and a chain of prominent retail companies. Housing options in the area include planned projects, detached houses, and flats in high-rise gated communities. You will also be pleased to find affordable properties in this region. There is also a lot of commercial development going on in this neighbourhood right now.

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Singaperumal Koil

If you want to live in a quiet suburb while yet being close to the city, this is the place to be. Singaperumalkoil is in an ideal location, close to the city but far enough away to be calm. Because of its calm and tranquillity, as well as its accessibility to everything that Chennai has to offer, it is a fantastic place to invest in real estate. Furthermore, Singaperumalkoil is a growing community with several new constructions under construction. This shows that capital development is possible as the area develops. Most importantly, affordable residential and commercial properties may be found in this neighbourhood.

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Arignar Anna Zoological Park is located in Vandalur, which is a reasonably priced neighbourhood in Chennai. This area is close to Perungalathur, Mudichur, and New Perungalathur. Vandalur railway station provides comprehensive access to important portions of the city. If you wish to invest in a neighbourhood close to Tambaram, you should look into Vandalur. Vandalur's proximity to Chennai International Airport, as well as key IT and Industrial Hubs in the city such as Gateway Office Park, Estancia IT Park, ESPEE IT Park, DLF IT SEZ Park, KRISP IT Park, and others, has proved beneficial.

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Perungalathur is a significant suburb that represents the growth of the surrounding area. Perungalathur appears to have everything, with its rapidly rising population, lush flora, and quiet surroundings. But don't be deceived by the tranquil atmosphere; it's also one of the leading IT development hubs. The living conditions, connected transport, and affordable costs all contribute to a rising number of young people moving here. Perungalathur is the new opportunity and growth hub. It is an excellent choice for real estate investors and buyers. Perungalathur has excellent connection and transport options.

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Guduvanchery is a smart centre in Chennai that is adjacent to hospitals, schools, colleges, public transit, IT Parks, and other services. It is in an ideal position that connects all of the important zones under one roof while also keeping you away from the city's congestion and bustle. Guduvanchery is one of the future smart cities with the best housing options for home buyers. The Gateway of Companies, Ford, MEPZ, Mahindra World City, and ZOHO are just a few of the well-known companies that are easily accessible from Guduvanchery via GST road. The suburb's real estate industry is expanding due to a plentiful supply of land and affordable property prices. Guduvanchery is one such site where your investment can more than quadruple in a matter of years.

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Tambaram is one of Chennai's oldest cities. However, over time, it has evolved into a desirable location for real estate investors. This location is home to a number of large projects. Tambaram is within driving distance of the airport and train station. The drive from the railway station to the domestic airport takes around 10 minutes. Because of the area's outstanding connectivity, real estate investors have landed on several large projects. Home buyers considering a real estate investment in Chennai like this suburb due to the inexpensive property prices. Well-developed and moderately priced properties may be found in this desirable area.

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Chromepet is well-known for its balanced development and adequate social and physical infrastructure. The major reasons why homebuyers love Chromepet are that it is still affordable, has a range of housing options, and has properties for all budget sizes. The region is close to Tambaram and is easily accessible by the GST Road. In truth, it is not only an affordable neighbourhood, but also an excellent alternative to the surrounding busy Tambaram neighbourhood, which is home to various companies and IT parks. As a result, it is also a fantastic residential alternative for individuals who work in Tambaram.

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Pallavaram, located in the southern section of Chennai, is a renowned residential hub surrounded by beautiful flora and hills. Pallavaram is gradually becoming a popular real estate choice in Chennai because to its favourable position along GST Road and the thriving IT industry. Pallavaram promises high-quality homes, excellent living conditions, a big number of neighbouring IT/ITeS enterprises, and a diverse selection of residential options. Furthermore, because of its position, the region has a lot of investment possibilities.

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One of the most significant benefits of living in Guindy is its close proximity to the Chennai airport, which is only a few kilometres away. As a result, it is a popular choice among regular travellers and those working in the aviation business. Guindy is without a doubt the beating heart of Chennai! Guindy has become the most popular residential area in Chennai throughout the years. Guindy has a well-planned residential housing layout as well as decent wide highways. The neighbourhood is well-equipped with all necessary services such as schools, colleges, banks, day-to-day convenience businesses, and medical facilities. Guindy may be a useful region to consider in your search if you are seeking for properties in prime locations to invest in.

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