Thriving Success of Chennai Credai Property Expo 2023

Thriving Success of Chennai Credai Property Expo 2023

The CREDAI Fair Pro 2023 could not have been any better than it occurred in a grandeur manner in Chennai! All the three days of the event were vivacious and bustling with walk-ins from all walks of life. It was indeed an honor and pleasure to have Honorable Chief Minister M. K. Stalin inaugurating the event.

For those of you who have missed!

If you have unfortunately missed this event, here is a brief on it: the event took place in Chennai at the Chennai Trade Centre. On the 17th, 18th, and 19th of February, the CREDAI Fair Pro took place in a magnificent manner. This is basically a property fair where top building constructors and promoters take part and exhibit their properties. This is open to anyone. Be it an aspiring home buyer, a newbie who is learning the market trends in building construction, or someone who is anticipating getting an overview of property features in the present day, anybody can take part in the event.

That said, in the 2023 event that took place, a lot of people enthusiastically walked in and absorbed the details of latest constructions including private and public properties. Thankfully, there were a lot of bookings closed during the event. The interesting feature about this event is the uniqueness in each and every stall. We could hardly find any similarities between the two stalls by builders. There were food counters to snack and gulp down some beverages to combat the hot weather.

The event had Ms. Priya Bhavani Shankar as its brand ambassador. As one could evidently notice, there were giant hoardings and banners displayed at prominent Chennai localities to welcome all the public!

Do you know that there were over 70 developers who took part at the event encompassing properties across three different districts.

Interestingly, this year's expo is the 15th edition of CREDAI Property Fair.

Talking to the experts, they had very good opinions about the fair pro event. It was obvious that a lot of enquiries were made. In fact, almost all the developers had closed 2 to 4 projects right on the spot at the event, isn’t that a promising number?

Considering the total walk-ins, be learnt that there were 45,000 and more footfalls that included families, friends, and others. As any participant at the event, and you are certain to find him nodding his head at the professional way it was conducted! This is not an overnight job. There was a lot of brainstorming, planning and organization that has gone into conducting this event. Besides, there was tremendous marketing: online and offline to take this event closer to the public and gain their trust to gather more of their interest.

Property bookings this year

As you have already learnt about the property bookings here, there were bookings of over 260 crores this year! This is the collective report out of 312 bookings that happened today. The price range of properties displayed in the event were between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 10 crore, to additionally note. This event also included a home loan mela where eligible persons were given a roadmap to plan their investments.

Chennai properties has served as the digital marketing partner all through the event and made it a grand success. As a token of thanks and encouragement, we have received a revered award of participation from the CREDAI Fair Pro 2023. This gives you even more motivation to work at full pelt in the forthcoming events alike.

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