Tips to buy property in Chennai

Tips to buy property in Chennai

The celebration of Rajnikanth, the unique cultural mantle, the rich and famous past, or the scent of filter coffee are not what define Chennai. In addition, the city represents a growing number of job searchers, a contemporary lifestyle, an abundance of creative talent, diversity, and a friendly infrastructure.

A significant sum of money must be invested in order to purchase a property. As such, you ought to exercise extreme caution when selecting the property and weigh all of its advantages and disadvantages. One of India's major cities is Chennai, where purchasing real estate may be quite expensive. These are some of the most important factors to take into account before purchasing a house or plot in Chennai.

Your Budget

Finding the ideal location and return on investment in Chennai is essential to selecting the finest place to buy a house. Check to see if the property's price is within your means. Do your homework and consider a variety of possibilities before purchasing a home, flat or piece of land that you personally inspect. You never know where you might find a far better property for the same amount of money.

The location's return on investment is something else to think about while purchasing a property. It makes sense to put your money where you can be sure you'll get your money back after a few years of ownership. Think about financing choices as well, bearing in mind factors like inflation, interest rates, and the length of time you plan to invest. Make sure to confirm the legitimacy of the property if you are buying it through a real estate agency.


Focus on the expectations and wishes you have for the home of your dreams. What basic needs must your dream house or place of business meet? After that, you can decide on your location. One of the most important things to think about when buying a property is its location. The essential facilities, such as schools, stores, hospitals, and so forth, should be close by. That neighbourhood needs excellent roads, good security, and a power connection.

Pay attention to the location. Examine all of the daily amenities that are offered inside the parameter in great detail. Make sure the neighbourhood has sufficient access to all everyday home zones, including workplaces, schools, grocery stores, supermarkets, entertainment venues, shopping malls, theatres, and much more, for a convenient way of life. Ascertain that you have adequate transport to move around the city and that you can communicate with the town and its environs with ease.

Even though buying real estate in Chennai seems like a good idea, make sure you do your homework before making the choice. You can reduce risks by diversifying your real estate investment portfolio by holding properties in various price points and geographic areas.


Examine the location's infrastructure plans that you have narrowed down. Future large-scale infrastructure developments, such as metro connections, have the potential to significantly increase return on investment. Additionally, confirm that there are no harmful industries near the property.

Visit the website. The brochure's layout might not match the actual design. Thus, before making a reservation, carefully inspect the property. Engage in conversation with neighbours, as they might be aware of any unauthorised habitation or other property-related legal issues.

Builder Reputation

It is crucial to review the builder's profile and background before purchasing a property. How many tasks has he completed to date, how long was the delay? Visit the construction company's website to view completed and ongoing projects. You should be able to uncover some crucial information about the prior project by conducting an online search with the name of the project. Check out the conversations surrounding the builder and the property.

Additionally, the land in question may be the subject of a lawsuit while purchasing. Therefore, it is advised that you thoroughly investigate the builder. You may check up on its previous or ongoing projects, or you could ask questions on the many real estate forums online.

Construction Quality & Amenities

Check the quality of construction when you visit a property. By that, we mean to examine the walls, their general appearance and texture, and the quality of the finishing. Does it appear high-end, or do the paints give the impression that it will be released soon? Verify the quality of the tiles, fittings, wiring, etc. The only thing you can do if the project is still under construction is look up information about the builder, their previous project experiences, and what previous buyers have to say about it online.

Additionally, make sure to look at the amenities that come with the home. Amenities include a clubhouse, gym, parking, lift, power backup and swimming pool. Even if you might be a minimalist who only needs the bare minimum, you should consider these factors if you want to ensure that the house has excellent resale value.

Legal documents

Whether you select a brand-new home or a resale property, this is an essential step. The same paperwork that was needed for the original property sale is still needed for a resale. The original sale deed and society share of the certificate are important documents to take into consideration when purchasing an apartment in a housing complex.

The property buyer should verify if the property has an approved building plan from the governing authority, completion certificate and possession certificate. Also, you should clearly check if the seller has paid off all the pending dues to the society. Plus encumbrance certificate is another important document that proves that the property has no financial or legal liabilities.

It may seem like a lot to you. So before investing in Chennai, be sure to enlist the help of a qualified legal expert to confirm all the property-related paperwork.

Resale value

When we purchase a home, we get attached to it and assume we will live there for the ensuing decades, but we never know when we might have to pack up and move again for a variety of reasons. It will be a dire situation if you discover at that point that the property was appropriate for you but not for someone else. As a result, you must also consider the property's potential for resale.

It's also crucial to inquire about potential developments in the vicinity going forward. Find out about proposed malls, flyovers, roads, and other projects that may be developed within the next four to six years. There may be future plans to connect the location to the major city if it is not already properly connected.

Rental Potential & Vasthu

People frequently give up ownership of their property to tenants and relocate. You will regret your choice if you discover at that point that the property is not very appealing from a rental standpoint. You won't have any trouble renting out your property if it's close to commercial areas, colleges, or a strategic location.

An ancient Indian architectural and building theory known as Vastu Shastra encourages riches, prosperity, and happiness. Homes facing the east, north, or northeast are considered auspicious, or favourable to success, in the context of Vastu. This results from the fact that Kuber, the God of wealth, is worshipped in the north. Plots and apartments that adhere to Vastu principles enable their occupants to have happier, wealthier, healthier, more prosperous lives and good resale value too.


Chennai has enormous potential as a real estate investment destination because it is one of the major cities in the nation and home to numerous sectors, including IT. You may make well-informed choices concerning your residential real estate investment in Chennai if you conduct a thorough study. I hope these pointers assist you in making simple purchases. Do check out Chennai Properties listing for top real estate properties in Chennai.

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