Top 7 Places To Buy Flats In OMR

Top 7 Places To Buy Flats In OMR

Love working as a Techie, but do you detest the long commute after a long day? Yes, we totally understand, that is why we have rounded up the top 7 places to buy flats in OMR Road. The booming IT expressway is home to giant tech companies and modern infrastructure like SIPCOT, Chennai IT sez, International Tech Park, Bahwan IT Park, Elcot IT Park, and Tidel Park. Also, let us not forget the World Trade Center in Perungudi which is the tallest commercial establishment in the city.

So if you want to live in an IT hub and stay close to your workstation, then OMR is the best bet. OMR Road is a dynamic and multifaceted enclave, renowned for its thriving IT corridors, prominent landmarks, and a selection of some of the city's finest residential areas. Whether you are navigating the bustling IT hubs to buy an apartment or rent one to stay close to your office, these top locations will come in handy. Continue reading and uncover the top 7 places to buy flats in OMR:


Thoraipakkam steals the top spot as the top place to buy flats on OMR Road. Located right in the middle of the IT Expressway, this locality is also called Okkiyam Thuraipakkam and stretches for 3 km in length starting from Perungudi. Here there are many major tech parks like ASV Suntech Park, Bahwan IT Park, and Chennai One IT SEZ. It is a fine option to buy an apartment here, as it's located in the middle of the tech hub and is served by wonderful recreational and civic amenities. Flats in Thoraipakkam are equipped with the finest features and served by wonderful amenities. Also, the fun and famous BSR Mall is located here. Top builders in Chennai have come up with several affluent gated communities and from here you can easily access the OMR Road and ECR Road. Which is a huge advantage when you decide to settle here.


Perungudi is celebrated for the Brigade World Trade Centre present here, the tallest LEED Platinum-certified tech park. That's not all Arihant Technopolis, TVH - Agnitio, Global Infocity, Matrix, and many modern tech parks are present here. Apart from IT influence, Perungudi gains popularity due to the presence of the finest healthcare facilities in the city, famous hospitals like Apollo, Gem Hospital and more. These are the major growth factors of Perungudi, as more and more people want to live close to these employment avenues. Hence, many famous builders have come up with luxurious flats in Perungudi. Due to its strategic location on OMR Road, this area is receiving a lot of residential demand which is also fueling the rental demand in this area. So, buying an apartment there is also a wonderful choice for long-term investment.


Quality of life is one key thing to consider when choosing a locality to live in. When you choose to buy an apartment in Sholinganallur, you get to live in a neighborhood that offers an unbeatable quality of life. Plus, once the elevated metro line is completed, this place is going to upgrade to a whole new level. Anticipating this growing demand for good residential projects, many renowned developers have come up with low, mid, and high-rise apartments in this area. From here it is just a short drive to the vibrant seashores of the ECR Road, which will be a great getaway spot for those who want to relax. Also, this locality is going to get an infrastructural boost with the upcoming metro station in this area, which will further increase the value of the locality.


Navalur is another trending residential area along OMR Road, which started to evolve with the development of SIPCOT IT Park and ELCOT SEZ. It is about 5 km from Sholinganalur junction and is completely occupied by several affluent gated communities. The upcoming Madhavaram to SIPCOT Metro line will also have a station in Navalur. Here you can find many low-rise, high-rise apartments, and luxurious townships, which help you buy your desired apartment in Navalur with no worry. Also, the famous Vivira Mall is located here, which lets you have a relaxed and fun-filled day on the weekends. What's nice about this locality is that it offers a perfect ambiance for a residential setup, with several like-minded communities.


Siruseri is another trending site along the OMR Road and it started to boom in the residential front ever since the SIPCOT IT Park was developed. This is one of Asia’s Largest IT Park that employs more than 1.5 lakh workers. Buying an apartment in Siruseri promises a very comfortable lifestyle with endless opportunities for employment and personal growth. Plus the upcoming metro station from here, which will be a big bonus. Another thing that makes this one of the most loved residential areas is the availability of social infrastructure. Those who want to settle down with their family and children will love it here as it offers quality education, specialized medical facilities, and an array of employment zones that keep the rental demand going.


Padur is an absolute heaven for those seeking to live in a place right outside the IT hub in a peaceful serene neighborhood. This locality offers the perfect blend of residential, recreational, and commercial settlements that promise the residents an affluent lifestyle. Buying an apartment in Padur is a smart move as the rates are comparatively low here, compared to major spots like Sholinganallur and Thoraipakkam. Which is all located just 5-10 minutes away. So when you buy a flat here you get to enjoy the full glory of living in the OMR IT hub without the costly price tag. Padur is home to many top educational facilities and top healthcare providers like SSN College, Hindustan Institute of Technology, and Chettinad Health City which is a big bonus for those living with their families.


Of all the 7 localities this is the most affordable residential locality on our list. It's just located outside the buzzing IT hub, yet one can easily access the tech hubs in about a 10-20 minute drive. This makes it a top choice for those who enjoy returning back to a calm neighborhood after a busy day batting out in their office. Another big advantage of this locality is its outstanding connectivity as it's located in a junction that connects the OMR Road to the ECR and GST Road. That is a unique advantage to the emerging residential area. Many top real estate developers have built and started to develop their projects here as they believe the growth in the IT hubs will further boost the demand for residential settlements. So if you buy an apartment in Kelambakkam will be a smart investment choice that will be very rewarding in the future.

OMR, despite still being an outskirt of Chennai city, has become one trending spot for residential settlement. It's a future-ready location that's evolving with next-gen infrastructure. Buying an apartment on OMR Road offers its residents multiple opportunities and advantages.

Starting with the proximity to employment hubs to spectacular asset appreciation value and rental demand, this area has it all. Plus, booming infrastructural development and the upcoming metro rails is going to further boost the demand in this area. Adding on to the advantages of OMR, another huge advantage is its strategic location. From here, you can easily enjoy the beaches and tourist spots along the ECR Coast and the same time access the bustling commercial areas along the GST Road. Now that you have smartly decided to buy an apartment in OMR, do check out the list of top apartments for sale in OMR listed in

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