Unlocking a Provident Future with Provident Sangam in Kelambakkam

Unlocking a Provident Future with Provident Sangam in Kelambakkam

Welcome to Provident Sangam, a beacon of grandeur and elegance from the renowned Provident Housing Limited. This upcoming residential project in Chennai is designed to leave you in awe. Imagine a home that mirrors your aspirations, a neighborhood that feels like a vacation, and a lifestyle that is the epitome of sophistication. Provident Sangam is where every detail is meticulously crafted to offer you a home that is truly a class apart. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this newly launched project, which could be the dream home you’ve been searching for.

Before we explore the project, let’s focus on a key factor - the location. Provident Sangam is nestled in Kelambakkam, a locality that has recently emerged as one of the most sought-after locations in Chennai. With seamless connectivity and popular colleges in the vicinity, Kelambakkam is not just a backdrop but plays a leading role in enhancing the appeal of this project. The Kelambakkam - Vandalur Road is the connectivity hub for the IT Corridor that connects other neighborhoods to the OMR. Apart from this, the top educational institutions and the IT parks make this a blooming residential haven for IT professionals and students. Provident Sangam in Kelambakkam exudes this prime location.

Provident Housing Limited, a subsidiary of Puravankara Limited, has been delivering unparalleled value in the residential segment since its establishment in 2008. Provident Housing has created a community based on reliability, excellence, and a comfortable way of life with a portfolio of remarkable residential developments across nine cities. Their strength lies in their culture of value, quality, and trust. With their portfolio, you can step into their projects without any further doubts.

Sprawling across a vast landscape of 5.5 acres, Provident Sangam in Kelambakkam is a testament to architectural brilliance and meticulous planning. It boasts 350 meticulously crafted units housed within four towering edifices. The exterior of this project exudes luxury and a high-end lifestyle, perfectly mirroring the aspirations of its residents.

Just as your lifestyle reaches new heights, so does this architectural marvel. Rising up to 19 floors, each level of Provident Sangam offers a unique perspective of the cityscape, making it a towering testament to luxury living.

Provident Sangam offers a choice of 2 and 3 BHK flats in Kelambakkam, with unit sizes ranging from 900 to 1300 sq.ft. Each unit is designed with an emphasis on space utilization and aesthetics, ensuring a living space that is both comfortable and stylish. The spacious interiors, coupled with modern design elements, make these units the perfect choice for those seeking a home that is a reflection of their lifestyle and taste.

What else are you looking for? You have everything you’ve been searching for and something you might never have known you wanted like the plethora of amenities that this project boasts. But now everything is in front of you and the clock is ticking to make you choose the right path. Though this project has been newly launched, the demand for this project is exponential and it will shortly become the most-liked project in the area. The time is now, check out these luxurious flats in Chennai now!

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