Vastu Shastra - Tips for Happiness, Good Health and Prosperity

Vastu Shastra - Tips for Happiness, Good Health and Prosperity

Ancient Sanskrit architectural manuals known as "Vāstu-Śastras" (literally, "the science of dwelling") are based on literature from antiquity and include descriptions of design, layout, measurement, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry concepts. The designs integrate architecture with nature, the relative functions of various building components, and traditional beliefs using geometric patterns, symmetry, and directional alignments.

Not a myth, it's the science of architecture

As much as people in the modern world would prefer to think otherwise, Vastu is not a myth or a superstition. Vasthu is a science that was created centuries ago to develop structures like palaces or simple dwellings and offices. The Lakshagraha (Wax Palace) was built by Lord Vishwakarma using his architectural skill, according to the ancient epic "The Mahabharata." Vasthu offers the fundamentals of construction, particularly in utilizing the forces of nature to improve the home and community.

Vastu Shastra is founded on the idea of using the five fundamental elements of earth, water, fire, air, and sky to create a comfortable environment. Vastu principles are used to design and promote health, wealth, vitality, and prosperity while calming and enlightening the environment in which people live or work.

Sky (West) represents improvements and growth

Vayu (East, Northeast) happiness and gladness

Agni (South) power and fame

Water (North) spirituality and healing

Earth (Centre) promotes harmony, peace, and stability

Why is Vastu Shastra important?

Every structure and piece of ground has an energy vibration associated with it, according to Vastu Shastra. This implies that there is an energy level for everything in the universe. The universe's structure is made of both positive and negative energy. Vastu aims to reduce bad energy and boost positive energy.

Benefits of following Vastu Shastra:

It helps with financial prosperity

It gives us a stable carrier and steady academic growth

It improves relationships with family and friends

It helps to maintain and enhance good physical and mental health

Vastu is often presented as being extremely difficult to understand and follow. However, it is quite simple to understand and follow. Here are a few easy Vastu guidelines you can use at home!

Vastu Tips for Financial Prosperity

Keep the main door clean and attractive to attract money because it serves as the entrance for the house's energy.

Painting the interior of the home purple would be advantageous because the colour purple symbolizes riches. You may keep a money plant in a purple-coloured pot as an alternative if repainting the walls is challenging.

The cash safe or almirah should be placed in the south or southwest wall of the home, with its opening towards the north of the structure.

Another method of attracting fortune is to place a mirror in front of the money box. It represents earning twice as much money!

Your home's northeastern corner, which has water features, symbolises the flow of good energy. You might install a showcase water feature like a small fountain, water garden, or another type of water feature. Make sure you fix any damaged plumbing, including leaky faucets, taps, and faucets, to prevent financial losses.

Placing a bird feeder in the northwest corner of the house is another very easy Vastu cure for attracting money. Keeping an aquarium in the northeastern half of the house would be good because fish help purify the environment; just make sure to maintain it clean and well-aerated.

To guarantee a better flow of wealth, keep the air in the house open, and place wind chimes at the entrances. Placing a statue or image of Goddess Laxmi close to the entryway is advantageous for financial advantages.

Keeping a flute in the home keeps away financial worries is a widely popular Vastu myth. Hanging two flutes will be helpful if you're having issues with your academic or professional endeavours.

Vastu Tips for Educational Growth

Place the study table in the east or north of the room for improved concentration. To ensure the passage of energy, leave space between the study table and the wall.

The study space shouldn't be located below the loo or a support beam. Place the bookcase in the east, north, or northeast.

Make sure the books don't reflect in the mirror because doing so increases the stress associated with studying. A bright lamp placed in the southeast corner of the study table will boost academic luck.

Vastu Tips for Good Health

For a restful night's sleep, make sure your head is pointed south. Always leave the centre of the house empty or with very little furnishings. This guarantees unhindered, unrestricted energy flow.

Sickness in the home is caused by an imbalance of fire elements. The optimal location for a fire element, such as a candle, diya, or fireplace, is therefore in the Southeast or Northwest of the home to balance it.

Directly across from a bed shouldn't be a mirror because doing so can deplete your energy and make you ill.

Ensure that the electrical in your bathroom and kitchen don't mix. If the doors are immediately across from one another, make sure they are constantly closed.

When drinking water, turn your face to the northeast or east for good health. Growing citrus fruit trees and keeping them at the front door of the home encourages good health.

General Vastu Tips for Home

The corners of the home should always be lit because they are significant energy sources. As soon as you find them, remove cobwebs since they impede the family members' ability to prosper financially.

Put a Tulsi plant in the northeast corner of the home to transform the negative energy there into positive energy. Avoid bringing a cactus inside the house since it is thought to be a bad plant that harms the residents' relationships and health.

A spiral staircase should not be included in your home as it draws negative energy. A Lord Kubera idol should be placed in the North direction of your home if you are having problems finding employment.

An idol of Lord Ganesha placed towards the front door of the home guarantees favourable outcomes in life. Also, make sure to remove and discard away any broken clocks in your house.

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