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Agni Vanamamalai in Abhiramapuram
Agni Vanamamalai Overview


Among Chennai's most well-developed, and therefore most preferred residential areas, Mylapore, as history recounts, was once an area where resplendent peacocks thrived. The name is perhaps a contraction of the phrase "Mayil arparikum oor" or "Land of the peacock scream." To date, Mylapore has held its resplendent status among residential areas for offering every little convenience homebuyers dream about. Is it well-connected to all parts of the city? Yes, by road and rail. Does it have reputed schools and colleges? Yes, in plenty. Shopping areas, eateries, places of worship, parks, hospitals and pharmacies, recreation facilities, proximity to the famous Marina beach? The answer to all these questions put together is a thumping yes! It is perhaps easier to draw up a list of what Mylapore cannot offer a homebuyer! It is also a fact that vacant land is not easily available in Mylapore. It is in this land-scarce premium location that AGNI Estates' VANAMAMALAI will accommodate a select few families. Located in Abhiramapuram (near Nageshwara Rao Park), Mylapore, VANAMAMALAI has 2 units of 3 BHK apartments in two sizes-1753 Sq ft and 1455 Sq ft. It epitomizes the defining attributes of modern architecture, state-of-the-art engineering, and elegance. Thanks to AGNI Estates' *AAC Code of Conduct, VANAMAMALAI packages every feature an up-market homebuyer looks for in a premium location construction. Set up home in VANAMAMALAI in resplendent Mylapore.

Agni Vanamamalai in Abhiramapuram
Residential Apartment
Price Per Sqft
20000 *
Mar 2017
Total Area
Not Mentioned
Area Range
1455 - 1753 Sq.ft
  • Balcony
  • Lifts
  • Security
  • Park
  • Power Back Up
  • Reserved Parking

About Agni Estates and Foundations Pvt Ltd

"Wow, I did it!" As children, all of us can recall that feeling of excitement, having come out a winner with our eyes closed in a game of blind man's buff, pin-the-tail-on-the donkey, etc! As a home buyer, it is the same "Wow!" feeling you will relive when you engage with AGNI Estates, your builder par excellence. When AGNI Estates opened its doors for business in the mid-90s, the singular principle that guided the fledgling company was to ensure for every customer the overjoyed feeling that comes from being a winner in every respect. In the long road it has travelled since, AGNI Estates has steadfastly held on to that principle by making customer satisfaction its No.1 priority, across every parameter of construction excellence. The emphasis that AGNI Estates lays on construction excellence is evident in all its projects-completed, ongoing, and future. Starting with choice of location and moving onto other aspects of a project such as price options, architectural proficiency, conformity with structural safety standards, specifications, amenities, or Vaasthu compliance, AGNI Estates is, and has always been, all about clients. AGNI Estates' client-centric approach and single minded focus on construction excellence has played a significant role in contributing toward its standing as a top line builder. Today, AGNI Estates stands out in a crowded marketplace for its reputation to satisfy home buyers of every hue and description, by providing genuine value for every rupee spent-from start to finish. Every completed project-4,20,000 Sq ft of construction-bears testimony to AGNI Estates' level of proficiency as a builder, with depth of both knowledge and experience, in the complex business of property development. Perched on its secure foundation of knowledge and experience, AGNI Estates' current plans envisage expanding its construction portfolio to 5,00,000 Sq ft, firm in the belief that it will continue to deliver on its claim we are all about clients.