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Shantiniketan Vega in Kelambakkam
Shantiniketan Vega Overview


Vega homes are not just brick and concrete structures. Shantiniketan adds a secret ingredient in all of its buildings – care. This is what manifests in excellent design and unmatched amenities, which are always delivered as promised. Steeped in design: Living in a Vega home is a matter of pride. The sprawling Vega campus is impressive to look at from any angle, be it a bird’s eye view, frontal view, or even as the site plan. Convenience and ample space mark the common areas. Etched in the floor plan of every house, you will find a passionate attention to detail, care in the layout, care in the fixtures and materials.

Shantiniketan Vega in Kelambakkam



Price Per Sqft


Total Units

Not Mentioned






Sep 2018

Total Area

Not Mentioned

Area Range

531 - 1307 Sq.ft


19.12 L - 25.13 L

531 - 698

27.11 L - 30.13 L

753 - 837

33.37 L - 47.05 L

927 - 1307

About Shantinikethan

Shantiniketan Ashraya, a registered partnerhip firm is promoted by Mr. Kamal Gupta who has been in property development since 1973. In his 43 year career he has promoted, built and delivered millions of sft to thousands of clients across Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Trivandrum and Mysore and all of them had the following in common: • Carefully researched property titles • Strict adherence to rules and regulations as laid down by various Regulatory Authorities • Strict adherence to promised specifications and delivery schedules in agreements. • Strict adherence to all codes that apply to design and construction of buildings As a result has a track record of • No Claims arising from defective title • No Notices from statutory body or regulatory authority • No pending Client dispute or claim This has been possible because he has always believed in the ethics • A residential property is generally the single largest investment a purchaser makes • A investment that is finaned through life savings & debt • Any mistake on our part can lead to disastrous financial consequences

No.1, City Link Road, Adambakkam, Chennai - 600 088.