Top Tourist Places in Chennai

Top Tourist Places in  Chennai

From breezy beaches to historic architecture, Chennai has it all. You can not miss out on anything, so here we are with a list of attractive places in Chennai.


Located on the coast of Coromandel near the village Covelong, Covelong Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches around Chennai. Set amidst palm trees and sparkling silver sand, Covelong Beach has a captivating environment making it ideal for excursion and picnic spots. An important tourist spot in Chennai, the beach offers a plethora of water activities to its visitors swimming and windsurfing being the most popular ones. Walk through the sands, rest under the palm trees or enjoy the calmness during the sunset, the experiences that this beach offers are unmatched. Offering various water activities like surfing, jet skiing, boating, the beach is packed with thousands of visitors every day.


One of the live examples of British history in India, Fort St. George, is one of the official buildings of the British Empire in Chennai, and the first English fortress in India. Founded in 1644 at the coastal city of Madras, the place serves as a museum today. The gigantic monument and the architecture are sure to make you appreciate the British artistry. The place is open for tourists. You can visit to witness artifacts, paintings, coins, silverware, arms, documents, and much more.


For animal lovers, this place is beyond missing. It is home to more than 500 rare species, which are mostly endangered. Pay a visit to the zoo and be a part of the various safaris offered, such as Lion Safari and the Elephant Safari. Not just home to the endangered species, it also boasts of a rich variety of flora and fauna of the region. Situated at a distance of 32 kms from Chennai city, the zoological park is a great weekend spot to visit with your little ones. Also, witness the aquarium, crocodile house, butterfly house, and amphibian house, which the place has to offer.


From religious places to outlets that are known for serving delectable food, Mylapore is a neighborhood that is perfect for all kinds of travelers. Located in the Chennai district, Mylapore is home to a plethora of places that you can explore. Kapaleeswarar temple and Ramakrishnan Math is situated in Mylapore and which is one of the reasons for this neighborhood is one of the best places to visit in Chennai. Mylapore is the oldest residential area and all those who are interested in getting acquainted with the history of Chennai must visit this neighborhood.


One of the best tourist attractions in Chennai for all the travelers who are crazy about clicking amazing pictures to the place they travel to is the Royapuram fishing harbor. Known as the Kasimedu fishing harbor or the Chennai fishing harbor, this spot attracts a lot of tourists as it is major fishing grounds in Chennai. If you want to capture an eminent part of the lives of locals in Chennai then you ought to visit this harbor. You can spot a lot of fishermen catching fishes and a lot of boats. You will also find locals roaming around the market and purchasing fishes. As soon as the sun sets, the Chennai fishing harbor looks mesmerizingly beautiful and you should be present there to experience bliss.


Hidden away in Valmiki Nagar area of Chennai, this aptly named beach is the perfect getaway from the bustling city life of the metropolis. Located around 9 kilometers from the city center, the place offers a peaceful ambiance. The beach is famous for the most stunning sunrises and delicious breakfast served at the nearby restaurants and cafes. Being among the popular tourist places in Chennai, people often end up here to take a break from the daily routine. On your trip down to the breezy beach, you can try street snacks including sundals and idlis, and enjoy shopping at the nearby Thiruvanmiyur market.


One of the most premier landmarks in the city, the Connemara Library inaugurated in the year 1896, is a treasure trove of literature. It is one of the four National Depository Libraries in India receiving a copy of every book, newspaper, and periodical published in the country.A haven for book lovers, the hundred-year-old library contains a rich collection of books, braille manuscripts, journals, and magazines. Highly sought after by researchers, the building is located in the Egmore area of Chennai. The library is well-kept and you can spend a day amid the fountain of knowledge here as it is among the famous tourist places in Chennai.


A rich crocodile breeding center, the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust is more than just another zoo. You can witness this ferocious yet calm and beautiful reptile here in a healthy habitat. A great place for kids to learn more about nature and wildlife, the place is home to more than 17 species of crocs, some of which have been listed critically endangered by the IUCN.The initiative is the brainchild of the famous wildlife activist and herpetologist, Romulus ‘Rom’ Whitaker to conserve the fading species of crocodiles in the subcontinent. The Crocodile Bank in Chennai remains open for 6 days in a week for visitors and is definitely worth a visit.


The sparkling white structure of San Thome Church that stands on the tomb of Saint Thomas is one of its kind. The place is quite popular among locals and lures travelers wandering in the city with its exclusive infrastructure and serene ambiance. This beautiful masterpiece reminds of the colonial past and is one of the most interesting places to visit in Chennai.


Another popular temple in Chennai with unique architecture, Kapaaleshwar Temple exhibits the Dravidian style of construction. The height of the temple is nearly 37 meters. The temple remains lively in the months of March and April. There is a huge tank filled with water at the place which is believed to have religious importance.

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