Flats for sale in Moolakadai

Navins Whiteberry

79 L - 89.87 L
3 BHK Flats
79 L - 89.87 L *
1301 sq.ft
79.00 L
1480 sq.ft
89.87 L

Navin Housing and Properties proudly presents a Residential Apartment named Navins Whiteberry located in Moolakadai, Chennai to make your living experience sweeter and better.

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Adinath Ashirwad

63.68 L - 90.88 L
2 BHK Flats
63.68 L - 72.73 L *
1274 Sq.ft sq.ft
63.68 L
1455 Sq.ft sq.ft
72.73 L
3 BHK Flats
72.63 L - 90.88 L *
1453 Sq.ft sq.ft
72.63 L
1515 Sq.ft sq.ft
75.73 L
1599 Sq.ft sq.ft
79.93 L
1818 Sq.ft sq.ft
90.88 L

Adinath Ashirwad, a flat for sale located in Moolakadai, North Chennai is presented by Adinath Foundations developed with essential facilities and surrounded by major hospitals, educational institutions, IT industries and more.

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2 BHK Apartment

  • 1100 Sq.Ft
  • Resale
  • Ready to Move
  • 2019-05-15

Flat is in 1st Floor, Building has only 4 Flats with two in the Ground and Two in First Floors. Covered Car Parking available. No lift. Flat for Sale faces West while entrance to the Apartment Building faces East. House is 1100 sq. feet with a built up area of 1080 and 596 UDS and 73 sq. feet separately for Car Parking. Flat is Duplex Model with a Spacious Hall, Pooja Shelf, Kitchen, Wash area and a Small Toilet in 1st Floor. In the Mezzanine Floor, there are 2 Spacious bedrooms with attached toilets. Both bedrooms have a Common Balcony Facing the Road. Flat has ample ventilation and good air circulation as open space is available on both the sides of the Apartment Building. Water, Corporation and Bore, is available through the day. Pets are allowed in the compound. NO WATER STAGNATION DURING RAINY DAYS IN THIS STREET UNLIKE OTHER STREETS AND AREAS OF PERAVALLUR / PERAMBUR. Building is less than a minute from the Main Road. Malls, Super Markets, Beauty Salons and Marriage Halls are in Plenty in the area DON BOSCO School is very close by. Other CBSE Schools are within 4-5 kms. The main road has approaching roads to Ayanavaram, Kolathur and Red Hills. The Flat is only 5 minutes from PERAMBUR LOCO STATION and 10 minutes from PERAMBUR MAIN STATION. Flat is on Loan from Axis Bank. All dues have been paid till the current month. Also, all taxes are paid. NO RELIGIOUS OR COMMUNITY PREFERENCE. ALL ARE WELCOME!

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2 BHK Apartment

  • 859 Sq.Ft
  • Resale
  • Ready to Move
  • 2019-06-15

Good Location and easy to access

Royal Jalasya Priyam

56 L - 81.47 L
2 BHK Flats
56 L - 58.95 L *
881 sq.ft
56 L
927 sq.ft
58.95 L
3 BHK Flats
81.47 L *
1281 sq.ft
81.47 L

THE ROYAL LANDS AND NEST CO-OPERATIVE HOUSING SOCIETY LTD proudly presents a flat for sale in Perambur,Chennai, India is named as Royal jalasya Priyam. We deliver 100% top notch apartments to our customers as we keep their expectation in mid during the construction works and are surrounded by all major facilities.

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Radiance Empire

71.88 L - 1 Cr
2 BHK Flats
71.88 L - 84.71 L *
899 sq.ft
71.88 L
905 sq.ft
72.33 L
937 sq.ft
74.76 L
940 sq.ft
74.99 L
1008 sq.ft
80.15 L
1068 sq.ft
84.71 L
3 BHK Flats
1 Cr *
1250 sq.ft
1 Cr

Radiance Empire,a flat for sale located in Perambur,just 4 km away from Chennai central station is brought up by RADIANCE REALTY DEVELOPERS INDIA LTD. Our apartment is surrounded by major prime transportation mediums, supermarkets, gyms, sport clubs, and other essential facilities.

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Arihant Chetna

64.35 L - 90.74 L
2 BHK Flats
64.35 L - 67.60 L *
990 Sqft sq.ft
1016 Sqft sq.ft
1040 Sqft sq.ft
3 BHK Flats
90.74 L *
1310 Sqft sq.ft
1338 Sqft sq.ft
1347 Sqft sq.ft
1363 Sqft sq.ft
1372 Sqft sq.ft
1392 Sqft sq.ft
1396 Sqft sq.ft

Arihant Chetna, a flat for sale located in Perambur,Chennai, India promoted by Arihant Foundations and Housing Ltd is developed with comfort and excellent interiors. Our apartment is surrounded by a sewage treatment plant, kids play area, garbage disposing chute system and more.

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Arihant North Town

37.80 L - 78.18 L
1 BHK Flats
37.80 L *
630 sq.ft
37.80 L
2 BHK Flats
59.40 L - 68.40 L *
990 sq.ft
59.40 L
1140 sq.ft
68.40 L
3 BHK Flats
73.36 L - 78.18 L *
1310 sq.ft
73.36 L
1396 sq.ft
78.18 L

North Town from Arihant Foundations and Housing Ltd is a residential apartment available for sale is located in Perambur,Chennai, India. with stretches of urban landscapes earmarked to accommodate the spirit of innovation. A welcoming environment that leaves the stress of the city far behind; where you witness the harmony of body, mind.

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Aura Synergy

22.16 L - 44.33 L
1 BHK Flats
22.16 L - 25.63 L *
403 sq.ft
22.16 L
466 sq.ft
25.63 L
2 BHK Flats
37.18 L - 44.33 L *
676 sq.ft
37.18 L
701 sq.ft
38.55 L
798 sq.ft
43.89 L
806 sq.ft
44.33 L

Aura Deziner Homes Pvt Ltd presents a residential apartment available for sale in the name of Aura Synergy is located in Perambur, Chennai. Less than a kilometer from the Perambur Railway Station, close to many schools, Brinda Theater and other social conveniences, life at synergy is stress free and an absolute joy.

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Jains Green Gardens

22.18 L - 59.07 L
1 BHK Flats
22.18 L *
472 sq.ft
22.18 L
2 BHK Flats
34.87 L - 41.68 L *
742 sq.ft
34.87 L
887 sq.ft
41.68 L
3 BHK Flats
55.27 L - 59.07 L *
1176 sq.ft
55.27 L
1257 sq.ft
59.07 L

Jains Green Garderns from Jain Housing and Constructions Ltd is a residential apartment available for sale situated in Kodungaiyur, Chennai, India. Throughout our 22 years of glittering history, Jain Housing Group has risen to numerous challenges and won prestigious awards in recognition to our underlying commitment to innovation, excellence and revolutionary building methods.

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