Flats for sale in Thiruverkadu

2 BHK flat for sale in Thiruverkadu

RMK School
  • 822 Sq.Ft
  • New
  • Under Construction
  • 2019-09-27

Flats for sale in Vinoth Veronica, Thiruverkadu

845 - 900 sqft
44.61 L - 47.38 L *

Vinoth Builders promotes a flat for sale in Thiruverkadu,Chennai, India is named as Vinoth Veronica. Our residential flat is developed as per the latest industry standards and matches up the resident's expectations and comfort.

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Flats for sale in Madhav Sri Kailash, Thiruverkadu

517 sqft
18 L *
919 sqft
32.17 L *
1115 sqft
39 L *

Madhav Sri Kailash is a residential apartment from Madhav Homes available for sale is located in Thiruverkadu, Chennai. It is among the ongoing projects of MADHAV HOMES.The project is upcoming with 12 apartments of 1,2 and 3 BHK of sizes ranging from 517 Sqft to 1115 Sqft.

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Flats for sale in Vinoth Vandana, Thiruverkadu

Society: Vinoth Vandana
835 - 1010 sqft
30 L - 36.36 L *
1041 - 1200 sqft
37.47 L - 43.20 L *

Vinoth Builders presents a residential apartment from Vinoth Builders available for sale is located in Thiruverkadu,Chennai, India. The melody of birdsong. Tranquility. Imagine a home which offers all this, apart from state-of-the-art amenities. Well, watch your imagination take shape.

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3 BHK flat for sale in Velappanchavadi

acs medical colleges opp
  • 1500 Sq.Ft
  • Resale
  • Ready to Move
  • 2019-05-12

Project on Poonamalle High Road, Velappanchavadi . opposite to acs medical colleges. near by vasan eye care . gated community apartment .

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Flats for sale in Vinoth Vidula, Velappanchavadi

Society: Vinoth Vidula
810 - 945 sqft
35.64 L - 41.58 L *

Vinoth Vidula is a flat for sale located in Velappanchavadi, is presented by Vinoth Builders. It is developed with an excellent infrastructure, high quality standards, exclusive interiors, ample ventilation and so forth.

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Flats for sale in Jamals Caladium, Velappanchavadi

955 - 1095 sqft
44.88 L - 51.47 L *
1290 - 1375 sqft
60.63 L - 64.63 L *

Jamals Caladium is a residential apartment available for sale from Jamals is located in Velappanchavadi,Chennai, India. Jamals Caladium is an artful amalgam of classical architectural charm and advantages of modern construction technology, ensuring superior quality of lifestyle.

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Flats for sale in GP Blue Bell Phase II, Ayanambakkam

711 - 913 sqft
Price On Request *

GP Blue Bell Phase II is a flat for sale located in Ayanambakkam,Chennai, India is presented by GP Homes pvt ltd is happy home with luxurious living space. We are famous for our top notch quality materials used in the construction along with all essential surrounded around the area of location.

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Flats for sale in Sky Dugar, Ayanambakkam

Society: Sky Dugar
535 - 590 sqft
25.15 L - 27.73 L *
1100 - 1417 sqft
51.70 L - 66.60 L *
1552 - 1899 sqft
72.94 L - 89.25 L *

Sky Dugar offers a residential apartment available for sale from Dugar Housing Ltd is located in Ayanambakkam, Chennai. Sky Dugar, a project by Dugar Housing Limited features amenities such as swimming pool, gym, club house, park, basket ball court etc.

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Flats for sale in Shyams Yes Gee Yes, Ayanambakkam

916 - 1001 sqft
39.16 L - 42.79 L *
1350 - 1881 sqft
57.71 L - 80.41 L *

SHYAMS YES GEE YES from SP Homes Private Limited is a residential apartment available for sale is located in Ayanambakkam,Chennai, India. SP Homes is run by a team of experienced men and women, inspired and infused by professional ethics that our organization stresses upon. In a short span of time, we have established a reputation for quality, service, transparency in dealings and commitment to our clients.

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