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Realtor Application An Overview

Chennai Properties provides a comprehensive and highly intuitive platform for real estate agents to create gripping online business portfolio where you can display property details along with pricing, location details, property features and much more. This can be used to digitally market your business and connect with potential leads and seamlessly convert them into your customers.

Real Estate Agents in Chennai
Why to Choose
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    Co Brokerage with another Agent

    Collaborate with other real estate agents in property promotions and sales activities and earn mutually.

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    Get Connected with Sellers (Individual Owners)

    Connect with individual property owners with ease using our unified Chat options and Call to Action facilities

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    Share your listing on social media

    Make the best use of integrated Social Media Plugins to share your property listings

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    Get digital Marketing advaive

    We are here to assist you wherever you stumble. Avail real estate marketing assistance and expert guidance

Most Economical Pricing

Our Best Pricing

Our panel of real estate thought leaders and industry experts have diligently curated three best packages of different tenure and pricing. It gives you versatile options to choose depending on your need and budget for listing your properties on Chennai Properties, one of the country's leading real estate portl.

1 Year Plan



INR 25,000 + GST

  • Duration : 1 Year
  • Agent Webpage : Yes
  • Listings : Unlimited
  • Price : INR 50,000
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2 Year Plan



INR 40,000 + GST

  • Duration : 2 Year
  • Agent Webpage : Yes
  • Listings : Unlimited
  • Price : INR 1,00,000
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3 Year Plan



INR 50,000 + GST

  • Duration : 3 Year
  • Agent Webpage : Yes
  • Listings : Unlimited
  • Price : INR 1,50,000
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